Buffoons Evil Clown MSM Toadies

Let’s be honest:

This was a total screwup. And honestly, the only decent comparison is to the hapless Jimmy Carter.

President Biden’s pier disaster is not unlike President Jimmy Carter’s “Operation Eagle Claw,” the botched attempt to rescue the Iranian hostages in the final months of his presidency. I would say let’s hope this latest military bungle is Biden’s final Jimmy Carter moment, but that’s unfair to the president from Plains, Georgia. President Carter deservedly had higher approval ratings than Biden at this point in his presidency.

Ordering the U.S. military to build a temporary seaside pier in the middle of a war ranks among the worst of this president’s many failed ideas. Like Biden announcing that the U.S. would withdraw from Afghanistan on April 14, 2021, the pier sprang more from political calculations than military strategy or sound naval architecture. [emphasis added]

Of course, the MSM suck-up toadies have been careful to not criticize Biden (or engage in more-than-nominal reporting).