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US citizens are not

the only ones who see that Biden is riddled with dementia.

Every single leader in that video understood the assignment except Biden, and that has been the running theme of his trip. According to one report, the president has been “losing focus” during the world leader sessions. “It’s the worst he’s ever been,” one source said.

…It’s smart for the former president to press this issue. There is nothing that is more of a liability for Biden than the fact that he is obviously senile. Every poll shows it is the primary concern surrounding his re-election bid, and when even the European press is pointing out, it’s a problem.  

What will Biden do for the upcoming debates? Well, I strongly suspect he won’t do it at all. There will be SOME reason that Biden just won’t do it! But we’ll know in a few days. In any case, Trump was right to call Biden’s bluff, regardless of how ridiculous the conditions are.

Biden HAD to do something! He just has to not come across as a TOTAL idiot! What I wouldn’t give for a Biden pee test! My money says he will be juiced to the gills…