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Malicious Negligence

Well yes, OF COURSE

it was! DUH! Cheatle, if she had a decent and honest bone in her body, would resign.

Trump’s security detail:

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), who previously served as White House physician for both Donald Trump and Barack Obama, revealed during an interview on Fox News Sunday morning that Trump’s security detail has told him that they’ve had trouble getting resources for months. They believe that this was politically motivated…

They felt that it was politically motivated. That Trump received lax security for political reasons is without a doubt the worst possible scenario we could have expected. If partisanship is impacting the kind of security Trump has been receiving, then we need to find out exactly how many people were responsible for this.

Was it Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle, or was it based on a decision higher up?

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I’m very glad to see it. She SHOULD have resigned immediately.

A DEI hire bites the dust. And yet there is still Kamala…


Oh sure,

that’s nice and all. It bodes well. But the actual election is NOT a national one–it is a series of 50 state elections. One can easily lose the popular vote and yet win the electoral vote!

Captain Obvious Criminal Negligence Evil

Well, she SHOULD

resign. At least. And perhaps she is an accomplice to attempted murder, but I certainly hope not. But it is gross negligence for sure.

After a contentious hearing in which Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle failed to answer some of the most basic questions surrounding the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump on July 13, the House Oversight Committee called on Cheatle to resign.

And it’s bipartisan. It’s NOT just Republicans who have demanded her resignation! Her’s an excerpt from a letter to her:

Today, you failed to provide answers to basic questions regarding that stunning operational failure and to reassure the American people that the Secret Service has learned its lessons and begun to correct its systemic blunders and failures. In the middle of a presidential election, the Committee and the American people demand serious institutional accountability and transparency that you are not providing. We call on you to resign as Director as a first step to allowing new leadership to swiftly address this crisis and rebuild the trust of a truly concerned Congress and the American people. 

I mean, she is doing some VERY weird crap!

She looks guilty, given the evidence.

Captain Obvious

I think this guy

is overly optimistic, but he makes some very good points.

Kamala’s record is just horrible, and she is very obviously a “diversity hire.” But she is ambitious, and there’s no way Democrats can get rid of her. And she is stupid, as well. Just listen to her–it is obvious!

Kamala=Rented mule. And she will get beat like one. Oh, the MSM toadies will do their best to boost her and make her NOT look like a moron. But there’s only so much they can do. All the fawning, softball interviews in the world are not gonna make this leopard change her spots!

She has a long a record of incompetence. And while other Democrat hopefuls rag-dolled her in the Democrat primary debates (hi, Tulsi!), they also held off a little. Donald Trump will do no such thing!

Her words were later used to describe her own failings. Her worst moment probably came in 2010, when 600 drug-related cases were voided after her office failed to disclose key information about the mishandling of evidence to defence attorneys. She made things worse later that year by opposing a San Francisco initiative to legalise marijuana – 1,560 people were jailed for marijuana offences during her tenure as attorney general – then later supporting decriminalisation legislation.

… The list goes on. Harris has also been criticised for her handling of wrongful convictions, resisting DNA testing that may have exonerated suspects and failing to disclose crucial evidence that may have tipped the scales against the accused in sexual abuse cases.

… Remove race from the equation, and Harris is a terrible pick for VP. Add it to the mix and she is still a terrible pick, but one that is far more difficult to avoid without igniting a row over identity politics.

Kamala is just a terrible candidate.

Current Events

Just spitballing

here, because I don’t actually know any better than you do, but I would bet a hundred bucks right now that Joe Biden is either dead or gravely incapacitated.

NO other explanation even comes close to making sense. it is likely that he is really bad off, but that he might recover. Hence all the secrecy.

We will know soon…

Bad Faith

I sure wish I

knew what was going on!

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Uhm, yes.

Why wouldn’t you? You were materially damaged by someone lying. That said, I seriously doubt he can make it stick, and it is almost for sure not worth the effort. Of course. This is about PR, not legalities. DUH!

This may be one of the stranger items to come out of an already hectic and bizarre news cycle this weekend. The GOP in general and specifically the Trump campaign have flushed countless millions of dollars into campaigning against Joe Biden, who continued to insist that he would be running for a second term. After he finally announced yesterday that he would be leaving the race, the entire picture changed. This led Donald Trump to take to his Truth Social media platform and posit a question. Should the GOP seek reimbursement for fraud after spending all of that money focusing on someone who clearly was not going to be serving a second term? 

Unexpected or “black swan” is one thing. Maliciously withholding information is quite another.

Now OF COURSE he wasn’t serious when Trump said it, but there IS a grain of truth, there–like in all good satire. The term “reparations” is the tip-off that this is an incisive joke. And Lefties famously have no sense of humor (“Yawohl!”), so they will be very concrete about this!

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Holy crap!

What on earth is going on, here?

Let’s see Senile Joe alive! He IS alive, right?

This is really not normal:

Let’s see Joe Biden talk about this. What is happening is just screwy! Maybe by the time you read this it will be resolved. I hope so.