Political tactics

No matter what,

you don’t hate the MSM enough.

It is impossible to exaggerate the role of the press in ignoring and suppressing President Biden’s incapacity over the years. It was only yesterday when news of Biden’s incapacity was deemed “misinformation” and “disinformation.” Now it’s a given. Biden has inadvertently exposed the mainstream media as tools and fools.

Look, they deliberately lied to you. Their aim was to deceive you! There just IS no “innocent explanation” for what they have done. And now the MSM is turning on Joe Biden in a frantic effort to make you forget what they did.

It won’t work, you know. We see you.

There has been NO actual change in the MSM. They have the very same belief system. This merely what psychologist George Kelly called “slot movement.” They may have very suddenly moved from point A to point Z, but their underlying personality structure is exactly the same. Nothing has truly changed.

Like in music, you may “roll” the chords and add a few embellishments, but don’t be confused, it is still the same chord structure. It’s still the same old song…