Current Events

It’s all just

such a coincidence, right?

Those stinkin’ cameras!

If you don’t get it, see here.




“Funny” how Biden just re-imposed stupid and worthless mask mandates on airlines, while at the same not giving a rat’s patoot that a horde of unvaccinated COVID spreaders are streaming unchecked across the border because he further loosened things due to Title 42 expulsions being ended… by him! <shakes head>

The least he could do is be consistent!

SO, is COVID a problem or not?

Evil Clown

Uhm, yeah…

Biden sucks, and we ALL know it.

Did YOU vote for this train wreck? If so, You owe me an apology. And gas money. And SHAME on you!

Civil Rights

You know,

this is AWESOME!

Hey gun control nutters, get with this century!

That’s the 25th state to do so…

Anti-scientific stance Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Yeah, like

THAT’S gonna happen! They can go soak their unscientific heads.

They KNOW their dictator despotism is going to lead to a public revolt, don’t they?

Hardly anyone thinks COVID-19 is even a problem anymore. 9%? 9% believe in the Easter Bunny!

Still more believable than the CDC

Civil Rights Current Events Despotism

Biden is toast.

Plain and simple.

Elon Musk may well break the Leftists…

I sure hope so!

Dishonesty Losers Media Flying Monkeys

It’s true!

Biden-induced misery Illegal Immigration


it’s happening. Good! What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…

Lefty Political Philosophy

Yeah, it is NOT

just the mid-terms.

The real point is not the Democrats’ unpopularity at the moment, it is the structural challenge they face in the Senate:

It is that Leftism as a whole is an unambiguous failure. It is logically and practically bankrupt.

And we shouldn’t be surprised that a system based on force and lack of moral agency is a dog that don’t hunt! We’ve had plenty of historical examples that show that.

Elections Voter Fraud

Ya think?