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Indeed, the choice

is between the normal and the crazy.

But I gotta tell you, I overlooked her in terms of further office. That was an error.

NEVER go to the cray-cray side!

Current Events Political philosophy

A sign of

the times. Hey Lefties, maybe YOU should also reconsider your positions!




Bad Faith Dishonesty

I just wish

that his lies hadn’t done so much damage! Lots of kids and pro (and other) athletes and regular people died because of his lies.

Did I tell you that my sons’ Karate teacher (who was famous in those circles) died on the mat in front of the kids he was teaching while he was teaching a few days after taking the vaccine?

Yep, he was famous in part for being a leader in bringing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to America and he had to get vaccinated in order to visit his mentors, Helio Gracie and his brothers in Brazil.

My boys had already earned Black Belts (one of my sons had been an instructor there) and were gone to college. It was just fortunate timing that neither one were there anymore when it happened. I’m glad they didn’t see their beloved instructor die on the mat.

What if I told you that Anthony Fauci knew all along that the COVID vaccine could not possibly prevent either infection with or transmission of COVID?

… Now, what if I told you he just published a paper in a peer-reviewed journal admitting that fact, and calling for new types of vaccines to deal with the problem?

… But he flat out admits that the claims about the vaccine possibly preventing infection and transmission are simply bogus and always were.

… Do you see what he is saying here? No systemic vaccine for respiratory infections does or even can work to prevent infection and transmission of the viruses to others, because they never get a chance to. Everything important takes place in the mucosal system, which has a different immune response than the rest of the body.

Wow. NOW he tells us…

Fighting Back

People who

actually work the land just hate the “green” weenies! And for good reason

Banana Republic of Brandon Captain Obvious

When you’ve lost

the Lefty Pravda indoctrination organ for the Democrats…

Age-related decline Banana Republic of Brandon Current Events

You don’t have

to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing!

I have eyes, you now. And there aren’t enough amphetamine injections in the world to paper over things!

“Biden’s habit of randomly screaming for no discernible reason is a classic symptom of Alzheimer’s,” Walsh wrote in a Twitter post Tuesday night.

… With the record Joe Biden has established, a years-long habit of self-aggrandizing lies on a von Munchausen scale, it’s not hard at all to translate the utterly inappropriate screaming during Tuesday’s State of the Union address with the very real concern that the man who holds the world’s most powerful position is not entirely right upstairs.

Current Events Deception Lefty Political Strategy

Please, more MTG.

Less Romney.

The truth is, RINOs are a dying breed. Back in the late 90s, when RINOs walked the earth, we were forced to put up with a lot of betrayal and stupidity.

Like this:

Instead of more MTGs who take their gloves off and fight, we get Mittens. At the State of the Union, Romney called out Republican Congressman George Santos who lies so much, he could be a Biden, except Mitt never called out a Biden.

But MTG is the new model of things. Mitt Romney is the old one, the encased-in-concrete dinosaur. He is, thankfully, a dying breed, and understand well that he was only elected because he lied about who he really is to the good people of Utah! He took the paradigmatic Lefty deceptiveness to heart, and falsely represented himself. And the people of Utah screwed up–they trusted him.

Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, Paul Ryan and every other poseur conservative who stabbed their party’s 2016 nominee in the back always cited principle. They never said what that principle was.

Principle my butt! Being a craven Wormtongue is NOT being principled…

The original RINO

Opponents are OK with me. Traitors are not. I’m fine with opposition–but not with pretending to be something you aren’t.


Huh. That’s

kinda interesting, eh?

Life is hard. It’s harder when you’re stupid…

Disney is becoming Sears. Or K-Mart…

Barbaric! Psychopathology

Yes, that

is certainly true.

Just because your 5-year-old daughter tells you that she is actually a mermaid doesn’t mean the you should surgically have her legs cut off and a crude tail fashioned out of her mutilated flesh!


This is mainly about parents‘ psychopathology, not children’s.