Yeah, morons!

Just where did THAT idea come from, anyway? Was it just a ruse to see if we’d actually do it–see how bleatingly compliant we would be? Honestly, where did it come from?

Yeah, I know some stores did it, but why? The only thing I could find was that some thought that such restrictions might keep people further apart.

But you gotta admit it was pretty dang stupid!


300 VA bureaucrats

quit because Youngkin changed the telework policy?

Democrat Death-Rattle

Will it happen?

Will slow Joe get primaried by his own party?

I would think not, but still, he is SO bad that it seems very possibly to be in the works.

Captain Obvious Current Events

So is there a

really easy way to avoid getting Monkeypox? Is there “One weird trick” that will prevent you from getting it?

Why yes, yes there is.

Let’s just say that I personally don’t have even the slightest worry about getting Monkeypox….

Culture Elections

Yeah, I don’t

want to get overly optimistic. And if it’s one thing that we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt it is that the Democrats will cheat and the ONLY way to get a reasonably fair vote is for Conservatives to volunteer en masse.


This may be one of the more damning accusations against the White House made by fellow Democrats to date. With less than four months before the midterm elections, “White House aides, from their vantage point, do not appear to be in enough of a hurry,” even though “the calendar, increasingly, is not the president’s friend.”

Biden-induced misery Captain Obvious Corruption

It is indeed


More than 5 million barrels of oil that were part of a historic U.S. emergency reserves release to lower domestic fuel prices were exported to Europe and Asia last month, according to data and sources, even as U.S. gasoline and diesel prices hit record highs.

Yeah, sent to China! Really?

So, it’s time for a little introspection on your part: Did YOU vote for “Biden?”

Oh, and let’s not forget that Hunter Biden gets a portion of that money given that he was very involved in making it happen.

And if you did vote for “Biden,” how do you NOW feel about that choice?

Can you characterologically face the facts of what you have done?

See, overweening narcissism prevents change–strangles it in its crib. Because those afflicted with it can’t make the first step toward change–admitting that you have done poorly and need to change.

THAT’s why insufferable pride is the universal sin and the basis for ALL bad behavior! It justifies the bad behavior in the first place and then prevents ALL change. Damning, in the truest sense of the word.

Until you can say, “I voted for Biden and it was huge mistake,” you can’t really move forward.

Please, change.


What the Left

and their rabid minions have done here is revolting–an offense to good sense and civility!

Lefty voters, do YOU justify such behavior?

Where are your morals?

Political philosophy

Yes, once people

have drunk from the bitter cup of Leftism (or “Communism-lite”) they are not eager to again stain their lips!

Dementia Democrat Death-Rattle Epic fail

Ron Burgundy


So, did YOU vote for this idiot? Really?


Indeed, we have a

choice coming soon,

Is it November yet?