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Yes, abortion

IS a modern Dred Scott.

Either we are a Union of otherwise independent states or we are not. It seems that Lefties want to dissolve Federalism and indeed the union.

I personally don’t want to see a dissolution. Federalism is indeed the answer, here.

Lefties gotta stop trying to rely on force, here! The problem here is that they really don’t have much else. They abandoned persuasion almost two decades ago.

But people need to decide what side of the moral agency battle they are on.

Abortion Political philosophy

One more word

on Roe possibly being returned to the states to decide.

Abortion loses pretty much every time it is put up for a vote. Unlimited abortion up until the day of birth is a very extreme position, one held by only about 6% of voters.

So what the Left is saying is this: Those pesky voters! They cling blindly to their morals and to Democracy instead of just being ruled by nine robed masters!

Yes, that is correct.

Abortion Immorality

The pro-abortion

Left has some concerns…


It is

just posturing. We ALL know that the whole thing is going nowhere, anyway! It’s just a lame gambit.

Abortion Current Events Immorality


response to losing Roe:

Abortion Morality

Even the foam-flecked

Left is starting to tell the obvious truth, here.

So YOU, are YOU in favor of killing babies, or no. Quit your infernal waffling and come clean!

The left’s confession that babies in the womb are in fact children and not a “clump of cells” is something that conservatives and pro-lifers have said for decades.

… The difference between the pro-life community and the left is no longer about whether babies in the womb are indeed children. It’s that, even though Biden, Goldberg, and the ACLU seem to understand that abortion ends a baby’s life in utero, they and the rest of the abortion lobby are still advocating for the destruction of preborn lives.


End of the road?

Yeah, let’s hope so.

Roe was an abomination. Content aside, it was as poorly reasoned as Dred Scott or any other thing that has ever come out of SCOTUS

But even without Roe, it by no means indicates that there will be no more infanticide abortion. Oh no, ALL this means is that the states will decide for their area! You just wouldn’t have some Constitutional right (that was conjured out of thin air). MA would have just as much and as easily-obtained abortions as it ever did!

In other words, local elections matter. If it is such a big deal to you whether abortions are or are not legal in your state, you can always move! And “charities” can fly women out of state to kill their babies! This is really not a big problem! Put you money where your mouth is!

Plus, there is a demographic issue here: If today’s spittle-lipped Lefties kill their babies while Conservatives don’t, what will the demographics look like in a generation? Two?

Leftism is just a very poor long-term strategy. It is a moral, intellectual, and demographic dead end.


Yep, full-blown


Abortion Current Events

Often, evil will

doth evil mar. And it is starting to become more and more likely that this totally unethical leak of Dobbs will actually HARM the abortophiles in the long run. Even in the medium-run..

Still, I think the penultimate paragraph in Part IV provides the course of action going forward:

We do not pretend to know how our political system or society will respond to today’s decision overruling Roe and Casey. And even if we could foresee what will happen, we would have no authority to let that knowledge influence our decision. We can only do our job, which is to interpret the law, apply longstanding principles of stare decisis, and decide this case accordingly.

In a perverse way, due to the leak, the Court can foresee what will happen when the opinion is formally released. Turn on MSNBC and log onto Twitter. We know exactly what would happen. Still, that foresight should be irrelevant. The justices lacks “authority to let that knowledge influence [their] decision.” Let the press do their job. And the Justices can will do their job.

I also think that rather than weakening positions, it actually solidifies them. Who would want to be known as “that pansy who crumped and tailored their jurisprudence to a certain sect after having once taken a stand?” The justice who does so rightly is tarred with, “I have principles, and if you don’t like those I have others…”

So will this gambit prevail? I doubt it.

It’s well passed time for this stupid national fight to be over. Let every state decide for themselves. Let the people’s voice be heard!


Is RvW

going down? Seems too good to be true.

Though I agree that this should be a state issue. Each state can do what it wants. The Federal just has no business here.

BUT, my worry is this motivate the (bloodthirsty) Left. Joe Biden himself is so utterly boring and uninteresting that most Lefties were just not gonna not gonna get off the couch, put down the Cheetos® and Mountain Dew® and switch off “Love Boat” re-runs for long enough to go vote. Now that is more likely…

But OF COURSE there is buttholery afoot!

There’s such a lack of confidence in institutions, and this leak will only serve to make matters worse. This is a bullying move. The Court should not succumb to bullies. It should investigate and make clear what a violation of confidence this was. This was an attempt to manipulate the Court and should be universally condemned. [emphasis added]