Age-related decline Bat-crap crazy!

The most

distressing ad I’ve ever seen!

Bat-crap crazy!

Yes, what is happening

is extraordinary. We are into Wile E. Coyote territory, here!

The fact that Alvin Bragg’s Soviet show trial in Manhattan didn’t hurt former President Donald Trump like it was supposed to has been so confirmed by polling data that the Democrats are openly acknowledging it. It takes a lot to shake them out of their default state of denial, and I am always suspicious when they’re getting something even a little bit right. 

The Democrats’ flying monkeys in the mainstream media have been dutifully verdictsplaining to their low-info base these past couple of weeks. They thought all they had to do was repeat “convicted felon” on a loop and the verdict would eventually have the effect that they wanted it to. 

It was apparent after about one-and-a-half news cycles that that wouldn’t work. 

… Wineapple may be a guest contributor, but she fits right in with the Coastal Media Bubble™ regulars. The fact that she believes that Trump has to craft a narrative about the trial to “keep his supporters energized, if not outraged” is straight-up bonkers and makes it obvious that she hasn’t been near a Republican since one Thanksgiving dinner in high school.