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Oh, but it’s

GOOD to be the nomenklatura!

All you hoi-polloi, don’t try this at home. There is a different set of rules for YOU, dontcha know…

When there is unequal justice, the society soon collapses. THIS is why the Founding Fathers rejected titles of nobility. You know, the idea that justice is blind.

First, Hillary was a HUGE blow to the idea of equal justice under the law. Now this…

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Well, yes.

Yes they are. And for good reason.

ANY thinking and rational human being knows that these anti-gun nutters are full of crap. THAT is why you are seeing this!

The anti-gun lobby wants everyone to believe that most people support onerous gun restrictions. But, as the saying goes, the numbers do not lie. Americans continue to purchase firearms at record levels, and it does not seem the trend will reverse any time soon – even if progressives keep exploiting mass shootings to spread a fear of guns

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POWERFUL new add.

No wonder Democrats are bricking their shorts!

Civil Rights Current Events

Good news

for those of us who care about civil rights.

Gun sales in the United States have passed the 1 million mark each month for nearly three straight years, a record being driven by people who seek to arm themselves for protection against criminals, according to new data.

Civil Rights

Preview of

coming attractions!

Forcing courts to use the strict scrutiny and historical use tests, the large-capacity magazine cases and the assault weapon case will have a hard time surviving. Large-capacity magazines have been around for years and are the most common variety. Moreover, the sheer volume of assault weapons in private hands will make it hard to restrict ownership.

Civil Rights

I gotta say,

it’s about time we see freedom prevail a bit!

But wait, there’s more!

Civil Rights

NY Pols

are freaking out about people possibly exercising their Constitutional rights.

Now, I gotta say that the 2nd Amendment is crystal clear, and the folks (both well-intentioned and not) who say that it isn’t are just wrong.

See, it’s important for a free country to have an army. BUT, history is full of despots using the army to subjugate their own people. In fact, that’s exactly what the British had just done against the colonies! And the Founding Fathers very much wanted to prevent that from ever happening again.

So the tension was that a country needed an army (a well-regulated militia) to defend itself and its borders. But an army can also be dangerous to freedom, and can be used against the country’s own people.

THEREFORE, because such an army (a well-regulated militia) is necessary for a security of a free country, the right of the people to keep and bear arms must NEVER be infringed!

The army (well-regulated militia) was on one side of the balance, and the people were on the other! It is quite clear from the wording that one balanced out the other. QUITE. It is a grammatical see-saw.

THAT is the very clear meaning of the 2nd Amendment. Clear as day. We need an army. Therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The founding fathers were anything but stupid. Nothing they did when setting up the government was stupid. And they were NOT stupid in wording the 2nd Amendment, either!

Civil Rights

Yes, arm yourself,

because no one else here will save you.

Stop being a mooch on society and take responsibility for yorself and your loved ones!

P.S. I don’t like the gun in the photo–no trigger guard. And reliability and accuracy would be major issues. Could anyone be accurate with that? Ergonomics are just bad. And only two rounds? No. Horrible choice. There are MUCH better options than a big Derringer. How about a Glock 19?

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Look, Jesus

never carried a gun!

Civil Rights

Wow! Even

Naomi Wolf?

We are starting to see even some hard Lefties come around!