Cowardice Lefty Violence

The “Religion

of Peace” is sure violent! And yet Lefties don’t at least vocally object. They are silent as the tomb…

Classic. Don’t DO the act, but “hold the cloaks” of those who do and then pretend that they are not morally culpable. Cowards.

THIS is what you get with unlimited immigration… Thanks, Joe!

Corruption Cowardice Injustice

How ’bout

we have a little impartial justice? Those of us with good sense and morals are just sick of this crap! C’mon, judge! Have a little self-respect and don’t be such a sniveling Lefty toady! Man up, for Pete’s sake…

Cowardice Hypocrisy

I don’t blame

her for not wanting to talk about Hamas’ horrific behavior. She is using the classic Lefty tactic: Avoidance.

On Tuesday, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) avoided questions from Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel Correspondent on Hamas terrorists decapitating babies, murdering children, and raping women in Israel and why she still has a Palestinian flag outside her office.


People are

sick of it!

Even when they’re not willing to say it explicitly, virtually everyone realizes that there’s a crisis going on — except, maybe the Biden administration, which created the crisis and is ultimately responsible for the situations that the virtue-signaling sanctuary states are struggling to deal with.

Yes, Hochul slumped into a cowardly, lick-spittle defensive crouch. But she knows the actual truth, and so does everyone else!


Honestly, who

can follow the bouncing Kathy?

She basically crumped. She pretty much told the truth at first, but then got pressure from “Biden” and toed the line and lied. Could it even BE more obvious?

But Hochul’s candor — aimed squarely at Washington, and at Joe Biden in particular — clearly has had consequences too.
On Monday, she was warbling a different — far more deferential — tune. To wit:“With respect to what was said about the border, I have called for a more thoughtful, balanced national immigration — federal — immigration policy.”
Translation: “Oops, I sure stepped in it this time. Please don’t hurt me.”

… It’s not hard to imagine the blowback Hochul’s impertinence generated; the phone calls doubtless came fast and furious — the message being clear: “Nice incumbency you got there, guv. Be a pity if something happened to it.”

Kathy, stand up for the truth–don’t be a coward. Is that too much to ask?

Look, Biden has the anti-Midas Touch–the merde touch. Everything he touches turns to crap!

Cowardice Current Events

Cornell West

really hurts Biden!

Now Cornell West is NOT a mainstream guy. Not by a long shot. Let’s just say that his looks alone spook the electoral horses!

Now let’s say that a different Democrat gets in the race. Someone who looks and talks like a regular person. Someone like, oh say, JFK, Jr.

If a fringe weirdo like Cornell West can make such inroads, just imagine what a JFK, Jr. would do! No wonder the DNC has been so panicked about him!



I honestly don’t care about the match one little bit, but you got to admit that this is dang funny.

Cowardice Current Events

The two scariest

words for Newsom: “I accept.”

DeSantis will kick his butt.

The team for California Governor Gavin Newsom appears agitated that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accepted his debate challenge.

… Most of what Newsom’s team said was false. DeSantis proposed the same length for the debate and the same two-minute closing statements. DeSantis did not propose being able to bring in notes and both sides would be allowed to have fans attend with equal ticket allotment.

Cowardice Current Events

And honestly,

it’s pretty disturbing. And discouraging.

Bad Faith Cowardice

This guy just

can’t manage a debate. He doesn’t have the intellectual wherewithal to do so anymore.

Mark my words: There will be HUGE Lefty efforts to prevent Biden from debating at all–and of course it will be Trump’s fault, they will say. Trump is just too uncouth for Joe Biden to engage. I would be shocked if Joe did it even once.

See, THAT is already the Lefty script. You’ve seen it in other races. You’ve even seen it on this very blog! This is the Lefty way: Never actually debate ideas–you could lose. Better to run screaming away than to get beat down in a logical argument (and admit fault and have to change), Lefties say. Because there IS no change without first acknowledging that there is a fault! Step one, Lefties!

So there is this pervasive “mold” of Lefties running away from any defense of their ideas. And those ideas are so closely tied to a sense of self and self worth that anything that puts those ideas at risk is potentially an existential threat.

Is it cowardice? Well, sure it is, but that misses their strategic point. Their point is to never wrestle with difficult issues–and certainly not in front of someone who disagrees with them, thus preserving self-image!

And being correct is a core attribute to the Lefty personality. So to protect their (rather fragile) sense of self, it is crucial that they never argue. Thus, running away makes perfect sense.