Captain Obvious Crime

Do you even


Yeah, DUH! This is what you get when you vote for Lefties. Why on this green earth would you even be surprised?

So (literally) for the love of humanity, don’t do it! Don’t be a misanthrope or a gull. Don’t vote Democrat if you care about people!

Crime Culture

Yeah, let me

recommend that you NOT choose NYC as a destination if you can possibly avoid it.

A tourist from Denmark was shot in the back after refusing to turn his property over to a gun-wielding robber on Manhattan’s Upper West side Sunday morning, cops said.

… There were no immediate arrests, police said.

There just are places to not ever visit: NYC, Portland Oregon, SF and LA and Compton California, etc. It’s just too risky.

Captain Obvious Crime


Bring on the mid-terms!

Bad Faith Civil Rights Corruption Crime

Good thing

they got him, eh?

Descriptions of items that were improperly taken to Mar-a-Lago include a cocktail napkin, a phone list, charts, letters, memos, maps, talking points, a birthday dinner menu, schedules, and more…

There were rumors many months ago that this is all that the National Archives was after. Not really important things related to national security or some such, which even still wouldn’t justify the raid, but scribblings on napkins and letters from heads of state. If this report is correct, that’s what the FBI carried out an unprecedented raid on a president for. 33,000 stolen emails put on an illegal server weren’t enough to raid Hillary Clinton, but the National Archives wanting a letter from Kim Jung Un was. The abuse of power is off the charts.

Whew! We sure dodged a bullet if we recovered THAT stuff!

But is that all the FBI was actually after? Color me skeptical given how corrupt that agency and politically weaponized the bureau is. Sure, the collection of those records may have been the convenient pretext they needed, and the only one they could legally acquire, in order to search Trump’s home. But you can bet that while they were there riffling through the entire premises for nearly half a day, they were searching for other things that could bolster the other pursuits against Trump. The FBI just needed to get into the door and they could do whatever they want.

Weep for your country! What they did was a crime, no doubt about it. And it was a crime against you and me!

If they can do that to a billionaire former President, do you think they could do that against YOU? I bet they could!

UPDATE: And the corruption has just begun

Captain Obvious Crime

I really DO think that

charges need to be filed. And then let them sit in jail for over a year awaiting a trial…

And if Colbert himself was a co-conspirator…

Crime Current Events

It’s true: Durham

has already won. Regardless of the trial outcome, our eyes have been opened. And what has been seen cannot be unseen.

Whether Sussmann goes to prison or not, we know that he lied to damage Donald Trump. THAT much is really quite clear. We know that the “Deep State” was gunning for Trump. We know that Hillary ginned up the “Russian collusion” crap in order to damage hime–and that she really didn’t care that it damaged the country, too. And there were TONS of “flying monkeys” who where more than happy to carry out her evil plan.

See, we ALL know that Sussmann lied. It’s not even a real question anymore. And we know that the lie was ordered by Hillary herself. Sussman may well go free on technicalities, but we ALL know that is a miscarriage of justice.

Michael Sussmann’s role in this scandal was arguably minor. He was one of many foot soldiers in the army of Democratic Party operatives pushing this concocted narrative about secret Russia-Trumpo connections. Whether or not Sussmann is convicted, there is no longer any doubt about who was really responsible. Her name is Hillary Clinton.

Corruption Crime


she did! DUH!

Corruption Crime Current Events


Just brutal.

Bad Faith Crime Dishonesty

It’s gonna be

freakin’ AWESOME! Direct and re-direct are gonna be LIT!

Crime Current Events

Well, that is

not much of a surprise.

Guns are machines. They don’t just go off out of spite or maliciousness. They go off because YOU pulled the trigger!

The machine works fine, check your brain.


So unless there was a mechanical defect in the gun (and we would have heard about it if there had been), the ONLY and PROXIMATE cause of the gun going off was Baldwin himself. And he is legally and morally liable. Case closed.

This was manslaughter. Baldwin, by all we know, is guilty of manslaughter. He didn’t deliberately kill Hutchins, but he did so just the same. Not through active malice, but through failing to take reasonable care, through negligence.