Corruption Crime

The knowledge

of the Biden crime family expands.

Corruption Crime

So I have a


Just what did the President know and when did he know it?

This very bad news for Hunter. But it is also potentially very bad news for Joe, as well.

Stay tuned…

Crime Hypocrisy Media Flying Monkeys

It’s a BIG deal.

Yes it is. But you just wouldn’t know it from the sleazy and groveling, suck-up MSM “coverage.” You have to go to other sources to get the truth.

Let’s face it: The MSM is firmly “in the tank” for Biden. And they will lie, by commission or omission, about everything Biden.

I sure wish we had a non-partisan MSM! But we very obviously don’t.

It’s the scandal that avoids the laser-focus attention of the press. If this were Trump, and for a time it was, the hysterics and endless lectures about following proper protocol would have predominated the news cycle. Now that Biden has his own and more serious classified document circus, the narrative has switched to ‘this stuff happens all the time,’ dating back to the Kennedy days. 

Crime Stooooopid!



NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey said during a press conference last week that masks are making it possible for thieves to escape detection on video surveillance…

“We need our businesses to be proactive and do their due diligence. We need to make sure people are identifying themselves,” Maddrey said.

Things change…

Crime Current Events

Huh. Did he, by

chance, have “dirt” on Hillary and Bill?

I mean, these things don’t just happen out of nowhere!


Uhm, things

are gonna get SERIOUS! It will be interesting to see if House Republicans play hardball or not. I hope they do…

Captain Obvious Crime

I really don’t

think there’s ANY question that it’s true. The question is whether the evidence can stand in court.

And if it can, Biden is quickly gone–resignation.


Well, yeah.

There was probable cause.


It’s tough to

know what is really going on, here.

What I doubt is that these documents were just randomly “found” by a lawyer who otherwise had no reason to be looking for them.

Yeah, I doubt that, too. Why would Biden hire pricey lawyers to go there? Did he just have 10 grand burning a hole in his pocket?


I freakin’ told you


Are we done? Not at all clear…