Cult of the Lefty Lefty Violence

Just know what

the Left is about:

And if YOU are a Leftist, you can’t avoid getting this crap on you!

Cult of the Lefty

This kind of

freaks me out a bit. You, too?

Bad Faith Cult of the Lefty Disgusting!

I thought I

was too jaded. But no. I am shocked and appalled by the flagrant dishonesty of Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson. It is unreal. It brings contempt to the office! Shame on them!

The Democrats’ dissent is so dishonest, and so obviously a political rather than a judicial document, that it must sadden anyone who believes in the rule of law, and who has any respect for the Supreme Court as an institution. It was obviously intended to provide fodder to rile up Democratic voters so as to help Joe Biden (or whoever) win the 2024 election. Justices Sotomayor, Kagan and Jackson should be ashamed of themselves, but it seems that on the Left, shame is an obsolete concept.

But I guess they truly HAVE no shame!

What they wrote is no legal brief, no rebuttal. It is just a vomiting back of Lefty campaign talking points. Wow, how embarrassing!

But again, it is obvious that they are incapable of being embarrassed.

Cult of the Lefty

Yes, Nate Silver

has some very bad news for Democrats.

That said, I’m FAR from complacent. Why? Well, because I know that there are maybe 33% who will vote for Biden no matter what. But they really don’t care about Joe–they are religious zealots and will “vote blue no matter who.” And they are VERY motivated to cheat–and they will! This is NOT about Joe at all. It is about personal identification. It’s about salvation through fanatic Leftism.

Understand, these folks don’t speak the language of logic and reason; They speak the culty language of Jonestown and Heaven’s Gate.