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Guys, you

KNOW it’s coming! How could it not?

Thanks, Biden voters. Way to go…

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An oldie

but a goodie:

And SO à propos!

Abortion Current Events

The Left’s

approach to abortion:

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Pretty dang awesome,

you gotta admit!

Basic Economics Current Events

Huh. Russia

defaults on debt. It is a fait accompli. By the time you read this, it will have happened.

Russia is poised to default on its international debts for the first time in a century this Sunday [yesterday], after time runs out for Moscow to make about $100m of overdue payments.

I guess that as a Leftist you DO eventually run out of other people’s money! Whoda thunk? Oh yeah…

BASIC economics tells you that it simply is not sustainable to keep spending more than you earn. The USA needs to learn from that!

A default has looked inevitable for weeks after the US Office of Foreign Asset Control removed an exemption allowing US bondholders to receive payments from Russia – leaving the Kremlin out of options.

It would likely stop Russia from raising money on Western markets, a situation that could become more damaging if the contagion spreads to corporate bonds.

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I think a lot

of Lefty city slickers forget a very important point: Police don’t just protect innocent citizens. They also protect criminals from what the good citizens would do to them if they caught them. And that is right–too easy to make mistakes without solid due process.

The joke is that, “He needed killin” is a legitimate defense in many rural areas!

But it’s not really a genius move to go harass rural people. Or to threaten that.

Word to the wise: NEVER threaten someone who can both shoot an AR and work a backhoe!

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pretty much…

Current Events Hypocrisy


a mass exodus from Lefty places.

BUT, I have a question for you Lefties: If you are really committed, why don’t you leave your cushy life in a comfortable conservative state and move to, say Portland, Oregon? I mean, people are leaving those places so real estate should be OK.

I think we ALL know very well what the answer to that question is: Lefties in conservative states want the status of being a Left-wing rebel but also want a decent life. I mean, they profess beliefs but their actions totally undercut their professions!

… the end of the COVID-19 pandemic has done nothing to arrest the trend of people fleeing large cities in liberal coastal states for more pleasant and orderly locales, particularly in the Mountain West and the Sun Belt.

…It is hardly a coincidence that all 15 of the 15 fastest-growing cities and towns between July 2020 and July 2021 are in states that Republicans govern: Arizona, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and Idaho. And 14 out of the 15 fastest-declining cities during the same period were in states that Democrats governed at the time.

But here’s the real issue:
What towns and cities gaining population generally have in common both before and during COVID-19 is that they live under laws made by Republicans. What towns and cities losing population have in common is that they live under laws made by Democrats.

Open your eyes! The effects of political philosophy are really quite clear. DUH!

Current Events SCOTUS

Yes, indeed.

It has been a very big week at SCOTUS.

And HERE is where the difference between conservative and Leftist jurisprudence becomes so starkly visible:

They [the Conservative rulings] show the historical context, legal precedents, and all the objective law that went into the opinion. In each case, the dissenting justices use mostly emotion in their argument. Law is not based on emotion, it’s objective and supposed to be even-handed.

…Personally, I liked both of the big decisions this week but more importantly, what I really liked was the cogent law argument behind them. If you didn’t like the decisions, take a step back and try and read them without emotion.

[Re: abortion] … If you are against voters deciding, ask yourself why. If a politician is against letting voters decide in their state, why do they despise the democratic process so much? What else would that politician do to usurp the democratic process?

… I think this is something that NEVER would have happened with Roe in place. We will see states pass laws for and against abortion and voters will finally have their say. Federalism is great, and it is a wonderful pressure relief valve. We will see a lot of innovation around both abortions and I hope adoption. Again, I am pro-life but if a company wants to offer this benefit to their employees, fine with me. As a person, you can choose to be employed there or not. As an investor, you can choose to invest or not. As a consumer, you can choose to patronize, or not. [emphasis added]

In the words of Jordan Peterson, this Lefty “wokeism” is a “crippled religion.” And he is entirely correct. Secular Leftism IS a religion! It is complete with a priestly class and the “sacrament” of abortion and the proof of active status of activism. And “Cancel Culture” is excommunication.

So don’t blather on about how secular Lefties are not religious–they certainly are. It’s just that Secular Leftism IS their religion! Yes, it’s warped. But make no mistake–it is a religion.

With Roe being overturned, Lefties are screaming in anguish to their woke stone god. But their stone god does not make a sound…

Current Events Political philosophy

I think that with

Roe and Casey being overturned, it is the start of turning more power back to the states. And honestly, that is as it should be.

Suddenly, local and State elections matter a great deal. In fact, that is what it should’ve been all along. And I think that the strengthening of state legislative power is a huge benefit to the overturning of these cases.

I think it encourages decent people to get out and run for local elected office. It also makes the Republican bench far deeper than it was, because motivated Republicans seem far more likely to understand that they have “skin in the game” and therefore are much more motivated to run. People thus become more motivated to run for local office, and then, if they do well, they end up being candidates for national office. It’s a “virtuous cycle.”

And I think, and I hope, that that virtuous cycle has just begun. The next important issue is the almost wholesale rejection of (national) congressional Democrats in the midterms…