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But is “Biden”

getting the message that he has a major problem? I think so.

So Joe needs to stop (tepidly) supporting Israel to capture this important Arab vote. Because losing Michigan almost for sure means losing the general election.

BUT, if he does stab Israel in the back (and you know he wants to!) he will lose his HUGELY significant Jewish support across the nation!

It’s a puzzle…

Current Events Psychopathological Denial

I think that

every day Nikki Haley stays in the race leads to even more Republicans disliking her. And also, that dislike grows more intense every day.

She is NOT demonstrating tenaciousness or resoluteness or stoutness. She is demonstrating a psychopathological retreat into fantasy.

Does she have future electoral ambitions? I hope not, because they have been thrown on the bonfire of her vanity. She has chosen a frantic immediacy over a long-game strategy. Once she quits, I doubt she will ever be heard from again.

Current Events

People are

really torqued off. And you would’t even know it if Elon had not bought Twitter!

Current Events

Hey, THAT is

very good news! ALL Conservatives should be very happy about this. Now maybe we will finally start to see some electoral changes, once the Lefty agent is gone!

Ronna has been an absolute nightmare.

The party is also struggling to raise money. The RNC reported $8.7 million in the bank at the beginning of February compared to the Democratic National Committee’s $24 million.

… Conservatives need to start viewing an election the same way left-wing organizations do, Mr. Kolvet said. It is not a one-day contest but rather a months-long effort to get voters to show up at polling places on election day and to cast their absentee or early votes before the event.

Current Events Political philosophy

The truth is,

not many of us can AFFORD to be a Liberal! So they are heading for more conservative places.

Is the blue state exodus from California, New York, and Illinois making red states like Florida, Texas, and South Carolina more liberal? Studies suggest the answer is no.

… The great escape from Blue states to Red states continued in 2023. California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are the five top states people are fleeing on an absolute basis according to a National Apartment List report on migration.

The truth is, when people are allowed to choose, they DON’T often choose Leftism. THAT is why Leftism is so against moral agency! At heart, Leftism is about force. And it’s not merely an unfortunate by-product of Leftism. No, it is the very foundation upon which Leftism is built!

There simply IS no Leftism without force, coercion, and diminishment of moral agency.

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It’s not that everyone

doesn’t know what they’re doing. Black people deserve better!

Current Events

I like that Nikki

Haley has squandered more than 76 million dollars in her quixotic attempt to beat Trump. Why? Because that is money Democrats can’t spend in other races!

I now hope she stays and bleeds them dry!

Current Events

Photo of a

SC primary voter on the way to vote:

See ya, Nikki! You’re a total loser…

Current Events Illegal Immigration Morality

Here’s my concern:

I really don’t want this to happen, but let’s say Joe Biden cheats enough to stay in the White House. And he continues his traitorous opening of the US borders.

Already, there are vigilante groups trying to close gaps in the border. From there it seems very possible that some vigilantes start shooting and then running. And they feel TOTALLY moral and justified in what they do–this is war and they are simply protecting their homes and their country from foreign invaders…

It’s dangerous. This guy is, of necessity, already walking around with a carbine…

In a recent report by the Daily Mail, Chilton can be seen patrolling the remote desert ranch armed with a carbine he carries to protect himself and his family. The area where the Chilton ranch is located is known for the crossing of hundreds of migrants monthly, where Border Patrol agents have reduced routine patrols at times due to the increase in migrant crossings elsewhere.

Look, we DON’T want blood spilled, here. And I am afraid that “Biden” is putting us on that very path! Please, stop now…

The Boston massacre started with a pressure-cooker situation in which a kid was apparently accidentally shot by a panicky redcoat. This kind of stuff easily happens. Firearms and panic are often a deadly combination…

Current Events

The fresh air

of sanity occasionally blows into New York…

A lawsuit in New York led by the Republican National Committee saw sanity prevail when an appellate court ruled that no, non-U.S. citizens cannot vote in our elections. If the absurd policy had been allowed to stand, some 900,000 non-citizens to cast votes in municipal elections in the Big Apple.