Deeply disturbing

As I think

about it, the Trump assassination attempt leaves us all with a peculiar and rather disturbing conundrum:

Was the Secret Service really that stupid and bad at their jobs, or were they (at least some of them) actually trying to get Trump killed? Honestly, it distressing to me that I have to choose either gross incompetence or malice. I don’t want to think either of the Secret Service.

But is there another choice?

Deeply disturbing Dementia Joe

It is getting

pretty dang obvious.

Joe is just DONE! It is totally unraveling. I think he has two weeks, tops. Maybe two hours…

A new bombshell report from New York Magazine exposes with incredibly shocking detail how Biden’s health struggles have been kept secret by many who have gotten close to him. The report, headlined “The Conspiracy of Silence to Protect Joe Biden,” includes longtime Biden family friends and associates who have decided to speak out after months of denial.

… “It hasn’t been good for a long time but it’s gotten so, so much worse,” a witness told Olivia Nuzzi, the author of the article. “So much worse!”

… The article’s headline certainly wasn’t hyperbole. What Nuzzi details in her article is, quite literally, a conspiracy to hide Joe Biden’s mental health problems from the public. Worse yet, because Democrats became so convinced that Donald Trump is evil, they believed keeping Biden’s cognitive decline hidden was more important than addressing the fact that the sitting president is the poster boy for invoking the 25th Amendment.

Deeply disturbing Defensive Avoidance Evil

How much will

Biden’s catastrophic debate performance actually hurt him? Unfortunately, I think that the foam-flecked Left is so divorced from good sense and right and wrong that it will make far less difference to them than we would hope. We are talking about gains on the margins ONLY.

Of course, on some level, we’ve long known that our lefty friends will vote for a radish if it has a “D” next to its name. Memory care patient Joe Biden’s election in 2020 and recovering stroke survivor Sen. John Fetterman’s (D-Pa.) in 2022 made this abundantly clear. But Democrats were still able to stagecraft the illusion that these men were somewhat competent. The debate on Thursday night ended that. We now know beyond question that competency is not a requirement for a Democrat candidate. Team D may as well AI-generate a “candidate” and use her to brand its actions.

As one Democrat partisan said:

It doesn’t matter if Biden’s debate performance wasn’t perfect. I’m not voting for a person, I’m voting for values:

  • A woman’s right to choose
  • Equality for people of color
  • LGBTQ rights
  • The right to vote 
  • Sensible gun laws
  • Protecting the environment
  • Future SCOTUS judges
  • The ideals and principles of the Democratic party

And THAT is what is most discouraging. Because that means that logic and data are not the right tools for this job. No, this is a form of religious conversion, conversion to the religion of Leftism, not the end point of a logical analysis. And we need to realize what it actually is.

Now that Biden has gone gone down in a flaming mishmash of incoherent gobbledygook:

But the point is that rank-and-file Democrat voters have admitted to themselves what we’ve known all along, and they are voting for the hive with eyes wide open now.

…The third leg of the campaign will be dependent on who the Democrat presidential candidate ultimately is. As mentioned above, Democrat voters do not care who it is; they are voting for their party, come hell or high water. Thus, the attacks on the Democrat candidate must be highly targeted to swing voters — disaffected Democrats, undecideds, and double-haters. As abrasive as Trump can be, his gift for summing up entire records in a nickname or catch-phrase can be invaluable here. 

Deeply disturbing Freedom

Perhaps the

biggest thing Biden’s debate debacle has exposed is the deep state treachery that has become so powerful.

For those people who rely upon Deep State programmers to tell them what to believe, seeing Biden disintegrate on the debate stage must have been stunning.  Mainstream news corporations have been covering up Biden’s mental infirmities for so long that too many Americans watched Biden struggle to form sentences for the first time.

… The presidential debate simply confirmed that Dumb and Dumber [Biden and Harris] are not running the government; those two can’t even answer basic questions without discombobulating.

… However, just as pilots take flak when nearest to their intended targets, citizens endure the greatest hardships when the ruling Establishment most fears a loss of control. President Trump is a man with singular fortitude and an uncanny ability to get under the Deep State’s serpentine skin. However much anxiety he causes those who really run the U.S. government, though, it is his hundred million supporters who scare them to death. Remember that.  Legitimate, stable governments do not need to quash dissent, censor speech, or imprison political enemies. Failing systems do. And the more they do so, the more vulnerable they reveal themselves to be.

Deeply disturbing

NEVER forget

this. It is certainly in the top 5 disturbing moments of the debate!

This moment underscored just how devastating the situation had become for Democrats. After botching the debate, he struggled to walk down just two steps without assistance, a truly alarming sight. His performance was even worse than anyone anticipated — despite his weeklong prep at Camp David.

Yes, deeply disturbing!So why is Joe Biden even still in the race? Two words: Jill Biden.

As you can see, Biden, already way past his bedtime, just stood there. This wasn’t his moment; it was her moment. She treated her husband like a toddler. If you’ve ever needed proof that Jill Biden is the reason Joe decided to seek a second term and why he won’t drop out, this is it. She’s calling the shots, there’s no doubt about it. So while many in the party are now worried and want Biden to drop out, the real struggle will be convincing Jill Biden.