There are things

for you to do!

Abortion Dementia

Senile Joe decides

to alienate everyone.

Maybe he’ll skate, since everyone knows a) he’s a liar and b) he’s not really making those decisions anyway–he’s just a figurehead.

Age-related decline Dementia Piss-poor judgment

AND it is

getting worse and worse.

YOU voted for this guy? Apologize!

It’s clear that Scar Biden is merely an evil Regent. And we are eagerly awaiting the return of the king!

To understand what’s happening, it’s best not to think of this as a Biden Presidency, but a Biden Regency.

Buffoons Dementia

Oooh, ooh! I know!

because he is both a loser and a senile old man!

Captain Obvious Dementia

What a freakin’

moron! This guy has gotten SO senile, SO demented that I honestly don’t know how much more of him the country can take!

Are YOU one of those idiots who actually voted for this guy? Really? How dumb was that?

This guy seems to me to be very clearly a pedophile.

Age-related decline Dementia

Hey Biden voters,

THIS is what you voted for!

Good job Biden voters. Good job…

Age-related decline Dementia

Quite the

motivational speaker, eh?

Even stupid people know this this guy is gorked! And those of us who are really NOT stupid (like the guy in the video) are just dumbfounded by the hackery of otherwise normal people…

Dementia Incompetence

It’s no


Why? Why did you vote for him? And why do you continue in your error?

Dementia Democrat Death-Rattle Epic fail

Ron Burgundy


So, did YOU vote for this idiot? Really?

Age-related decline Dementia

Well, yeah.


The mainstream media may want to treat Joe Biden’s mental fitness as a verboten subject, but voters have pushed past that to draw their own conclusions… Almost two-thirds of voters think Biden’s too old for the job, and sixty percent doubt his mental fitness for the presidency.

Just look at the numbers as to what percentage thinks “Biden” is doing a good job:

  • Economy: 32%
  • Inflation: 28%
  • Running the administrative aspects of government: 38%
  • Immigration: 37%
  • Foreign affairs: 39%

Yeah, the group of people who think Biden is doing a good job is getting, uh, more exclusive.

It turns out that voters are more worried about their daily lived experiences in inflation and crime than in whether abortions should take place into the ninth month of pregnancy. And from this, it appears that voters are far more worried that the man pushed by Democrats into the top office is an incompetent codger in serious cognitive decline. And they should be.