Can you say

Tiananmen Square?”

We’ll see what happens…

Despotism Free Speech

The Left:

We hates free speech!

Are ALL Lefties despots? No. But despotism is not a dealbreaker for them, either.

The FACT that all the nascent, evil despots are spittle-lipped about this is a sure sign that it is the right call.


Because, well,

of course! He is a power-mad dictator, and he loves anything that gives him more power. And he fights tooth-and-nail against anything that in any way decreases his power.

“This is a pure power grab by Biden,” said Jenny Beth Martin, honorary chairwoman of Tea Party Patriots Action. “He wants to permanently keep powers that were designated for emergencies only, and the reason is simple: to increase government control over people’s lives. Any fair-minded person can see that.”

That’s just who he IS…

Culture Despotism

Even nutty

Oregon? Well, to be honest, Eastern and rural Oregon is not so nutty. But Portland sure is, and Portland dominates the political environment.

Functionally, Eastern Oregonians have no voice in terms of government. Portland controls everything. Conservative rural people are mere serfs, milch cows (see meaning #2 on that site). Which is why they want to join Idaho…

Current Events Despotism

SO dang


Is this what we are facing, now?

Multiple sources familiar with the matter say Meek was the target of an FBI raid at the Siena Park apartments, where he had been living on the top floor for more than a decade. An FBI representative told Rolling Stone its agents were present on the morning of April 27 “at the 2300 block of Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia, conducting court-authorized law-enforcement activity. The FBI cannot comment further due to an ongoing investigation.”

Meek has been charged with no crime. But independent observers believe the raid is among the first — and quite possibly, the first — to be carried out on a journalist by the Biden administration.

… In the raid’s aftermath, Meek has made himself scarce [ed. somehow I doubt that very much–he was almost for sure abducted]. None of his Siena Park neighbors with whom Rolling Stone spoke have seen him since, with his apartment appearing to be vacant.

Despotism Evil

And I’m just SURE

it was a total accident! Right? “Funny” how all these “accidents” only go one direction, huh? It’s like these errors are NOT actually random!

We ALL can deal with random error. That is life. But systematic error? Now THAT is a problem!

Civil Rights Despotism

Wow, it IS


Don’t kid yourself about what you are up against!

Amid Americans’ growing distrust of the FBI, the agency further damaged its reputation when, not quite two weeks ago, some 15 police vehicles and about 20 law enforcement officers, including many with ballistic shields, long guns, and a battering ram at the ready, descended on Houck’s home. While the FBI disputed the precise number of agents who swarmed Houck’s property and stressed that the officers brandishing the long guns and carrying ballistic shields were not a “SWAT Team” or “SWAT operators,” the FBI’s overwhelming show of force to arrest the father of seven for allegedly violating the FACE Act brought swift condemnation.

Despotism Morality

Holy Hannah, why?

Well, there are reasons. I think it’s a species of the “broken windows” approach to fighting crime: If you hammer “little” actions, you prevent big ones.

In addition, you make an example of prominent people. You get people saying, “Holy crap! If it can happen to them it can happen far more easily to ME!” It is a form of terrorism, where anyone is vulnerable, and the point is to frighten people into compliance…

The Washington Times noted that Patrick Eddington of the Cato Institute obtained redacted documents showing that U.S. Postal Service inspectors monitored the mail of some American citizens. The impetus for the move? These people were gun rights activists and had issues with the election of Joe Biden. The office spied on gun activists who attended a gathering in Richmond, Va.,  what the Times calls “far-right” groups who went to D.C. after Biden’s election, and even those who gathered to protest the shooting of Breonna Taylor. [emphasis added]

… So ambition, mixed with indignation, ego, and a healthy dose of paranoia will allow things to happen in a country whose inhabitants could never have imagined such a situation just three years ago. If you are one of those people and are reading this, is what you are doing worth the price of your soul? Do you really think that you are “protecting democracy” by doing the things that totalitarians do? Or are you just telling yourself that you are only following orders to protect your pension? How many lives need to be wrecked for you to keep a pension? How much money will let you sleep at night? If you can’t or won’t answer those questions, then you are on your way to joining a long list of people whom history has come to despise. [emphasis added]

So if YOU are on the side of the despots, here, YOU need to take a hard look at your own morality…

And if you, like me, are a small-time dissident whose absence only a handful will even note in passing, you are in grave danger!

And THAT is the point of these despots.




Eighteen months later, newly unsealed court documents show that the FBI and U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles got their warrant for that raid by misleading the judge who approved it.

They omitted from their warrant request a central part of the FBI’s plan: Permanent confiscation of everything inside every box containing at least $5,000 in cash or goods, a senior FBI agent recently testified.

THIS is a general warrant. General warrants are unconstitutional. Officials must specify what they are looking for and what evidence they have to think that the raid will turn up proof. “Fishing expeditions” are unconstitutional and illegal (and despotic).


Yeah, pretty