Despotism Freedom


would sure be nice.

Those that don’t actually have a legitimate reason for being there should be moved from DC. Those involved in agriculture, for example, should be based in Iowa–near actual, you know, farmers.

Those in charge of steel-making should be in Pittsburg. You know, near those who actually make steel!

CCRRAAAAZY idea, right?

Get the teat-suckers out of DC and you will see a massive change!

In fact, I don’t know why, with today’s technology, even Representatives and Senators need to be petty celebrities in DC rather than staying in an office in their home state. It really makes no good sense. Honestly, what benefits (to the country) ARE there in having them be in DC? It’s just hide-bound tradition in the service of self-dealing…

It’s time for some really HUGE changes. Let’s roll!



say anything that could be taken as critical of the Left!


Fees, fees,

and more fees!

THIS is what Leftism does…

Despotism Evil

So as an employer,

you’re going to force vaccines in people? Are you sure?

This should serve as a big warning sign to companies who have done this or who would think about doing this to their employees ever again in the future.


Yeah, morons!

Just where did THAT idea come from, anyway? Was it just a ruse to see if we’d actually do it–see how bleatingly compliant we would be? Honestly, where did it come from?

Yeah, I know some stores did it, but why? The only thing I could find was that some thought that such restrictions might keep people further apart.

But you gotta admit it was pretty dang stupid!



The tide is turning


When you hear

the words, “speedy vote,” you KNOW that more than 9 times out of 10 it is a bill that limits your freedoms. Those in power do NOT want to hear from their constituents. Therefore the bum’s rush. These are dreaded words, indeed…

UPDATE: Take a gun, Republicans (RINOs), point it at your head, and pull the trigger…. You morons!

Despotism Dishonesty Evil

Yes, one has

to ask, “When will they eeeehver learn?”

In 1955, Pete Seeger released the iconic song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?,” which railed against the Vietnam War.  A line frequently reprised in the song resonates with today’s Democrat party: “When will they ever learn?”

… Democrats seem unable or unwilling to learn that We No Longer Trust Them.  The public has learned that they are flimflam con artists.  What have Democrats learned?  Apparently, nothing.

… Americans have learned by painful, personal experience that every Biden pronouncement and each promise were false.  Yet he still thinks we will obey his mandates.  When will he ever learn?

The real problem is that leadership Democrats’ goals are, in fact, totally antithetical to the goals of regular people. What they are doing is deliberately evil–it is no accident!

It’s NOT that they tried to do good and failed. No, it is that they try to do evil and too often succeed. They are banking on the fact that, in general, people are NOT evil and think (à lá Shakespeare) that because they are of good intent there will be no more cakes and ale!

It’s true: Nothing is more naïve or an easier mark than the gullible partisan Democrat voter. Nothing.



That is NICE!

Based on Moseley’s victory here, no one in the Navy can be dismissed for refusing the jab. All they need do is call for a separation board and make this same case.


It was a

journey of self-exploration.

In a touching moment of clarity this week, personnel from the Department of Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board realized that the true disinformation they’ve been looking for was inside them all along.

That “Biden” even did this in the first place is nothing short of shocking!