Corruption Disgusting!

Oh yes,

it was very profitable for her!


Indeed, something

needs to be done. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Bad Faith Disgusting! Immorality

Yeah, don’t

be fooled. These guys were into some really disgusting stuff! They kept doing it because more normal Lefties figured that these miscreant were on their “team,” so they turned a blind eye to it.

Musk is in the (long) process of purging pedophiles from Twitter. You Lefties need to come to grips with what YOU have been supporting. Yeah, maybe it was unwitting support, but it was support just the same. And now that you know, has your support in any way changed? Are you willing to stand up and denounce evil? Or will you say, “Well, I didn’t really know about it, so I don’t need to change now.”


YOU need to decide where YOU stand.

Disgusting! Evil

It just keeps getting

er, better and better.

Actually, it’s good. Because people usually only lance a boil when it is big and infected. Well, it’s time to lance this boil…

Shadowbanned! Weiss revealed that yes, “teams of Twitter employees” did build blacklists, and used those to prevent content from trending that they didn’t want to see. While a user is notified if their account is locked, there was no way to tell if your account was being suppressed.

“A new #TwitterFiles investigation reveals that teams of Twitter employees build blacklists, prevent disfavored tweets from trending, and actively limit the visibility of entire accounts or even trending topics—all in secret, without informing users.”

Yes, the game was rigged. IF you have a strong stomach, read the whole thing.

Crime Disgusting!

Sheesh! No

wonder Democrats are so mad!


Nothing says, “You

are valued” and “Thank you for your service” like offering to help off a person!

Disgusting! Dishonesty

Oh really!


Crime Despotism Disgusting!

This story just

blows me away.

This is a HUGE deal, so don’t let Lefties do their “old Jedi mind trick” and make you ignore a once-in-a-century corruption problem!

I know many Lefties won’t want to put the time and effort into actually understanding what happened, so let me sum it up for you:

Team Biden illegally colluded with Social Media to suppress information that would indeed have been deadly to Biden’s Presidential run. And while it wasn’t illegal or unconstitutional for the private companies to do that, it was both for “Joe Biden.”

In short, Biden was elected because of his criminal behavior. The election was rigged, and here is the proof. He may well have not been legitimately elected…

Criminal Negligence Disgusting!


ya think? Maybe?

Let me translate: We were wrong to be scabs and total political hacks.

However, the story was dismissed by the mainstream media as “Russian disinformation” without any evidence, and refused to cover the story. Big Tech platforms took extra steps to censor the story, with Facebook altering its algorithms to reduce the spread of posts featuring the article. On Twitter, any attempts to post the original URL in a Tweet or a private message would be automatically blocked, thus preventing anyone from linking to the story. The Postwas also temporarily banned from Twitter in the immediate aftermath of the story’s publication. 

Disgusting! Pedos

“Sniff-proof Glass”

THAT is both brutal and creepy!

It’s really disturbing!

You can almost hear him mumble, I’ll get you, my pretties!