What the Left

and their rabid minions have done here is revolting–an offense to good sense and civility!

Lefty voters, do YOU justify such behavior?

Where are your morals?


So where do you

think he got the money for THAT? Gee, I kinda wonder…

Are you angry yet?


Look, it is

appalling. Just breathtakingly revolting!

Honestly, how is this NOT treason? Help me understand, here,

And Lefties, how can you stay silent on this? Have you no morals?

Disgusting! Evil

Moloch is

seriously displeased with Roe being overturned!

Folks, where are your morals? I mean, this is really repulsive! It is odious, utterly revolting! How on earth do you morally justify yourself?

Disgusting! Immorality Pedos

It seems that

the facts suggest that Joe Biden is a pedophile.

“I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).” So wrote Joe Biden’s youngest daughter, Ashley, in her diary in a January 2019 entry, outlining how she believes she was sexualized during her tender years. The explosive revelation, published Thursday by British paper Daily Mail, explains why the FBI raided two journalists’ homes shock-and-awe style in an effort to recover the diary — even though such a task isn’t the bureau’s legitimate domain and despite Ashley’s representatives’ refusal to acknowledge the book was hers.

… It has long been clear that Joe Biden, a failure as a father, is also unfit cognitively, ideologically, and morally to be president. Yet perhaps underappreciated is how vulnerable to blackmail he may be…

But of course he gets way with it. He lies about it and some partisan hacks swallow it all hook, line, and sinker! But indeed, it is sick and horrifying!

Any average American engaging in the lewd behavior Biden has publicly exhibited would warrant investigation. But as Carlson noted, Democrats and the mainstream media, which have resumed the Obama-era efforts to sexually groom and ferociously propagate a “transgenderism” paradigm on children, are sweeping the dirt under the rug and conflating demonstrable facts with “conspiracy theory” and “Qanon.”

And YOU voted for him? Incompetence is one thing. But this? Really? Just who ARE you?

Bad Faith Disgusting!

Just watch…

Kevin McCarthy kicks some butt…


Yeah, I don’t

think Democrats realize just how electorally bad this would be for them.

I paid off my student loans. My kids are almost done doing so. So do we get reimbursed?

It’s just SO unfair! No good deed goes unpunished, eh?


Just so you

know WHO Democrats are and what team they bat for…