Oh, come ON!

We ALL have lived through lyin’ Adam Schiff. We don’t need to foolishly go down that dark path yet again.

Are YOU so stupid that you can be fooled by this again? I’m sure not!

The left has a tendency to claim to have (or have seen) evidence of something when they have not. Remember how Adam Schiff claimed he saw evidence of Trump/Russia collusion? But, aside from that, the January 6 Committee has a credibility problem that cannot be ignored here.

… Further, Raskin seemed a little less confident about Trump’s role. When he was asked if Trump was involved in the so-called, conspiracy, he was curiously less absolute. “I think that Donald Trump and the White House were at the center of these events,” he said. “That’s the only way really of making sense of them all.” [emphasis added]

… Raskin has essentially admitted they have nothing on Trump, and that the committee is basically crossing its fingers, hoping that people will just blame him for it anyway.

Uhm, let’s be clear so no one can misunderstand: THEY ARE LYING!

Got it? DUH! <sheesh!>

Dishonesty Justice Liars

You need to

understand that the MSM lies to you! Not mistakes, lies.

We need media accountability. I hope this helps us get it.

Buffoons Dishonesty

Well, he dang

well SHOULD be “rattled about it.” But it won’t change his behavior. This leopard is NOT going to change his spots! Neither will the cabal of kooks behind him.

Citing White House insiders, NBC is reporting that Biden is getting desperate for new messaging to try to turn the ship around.

Understand well, If Biden does something that looks kinda conservative, it is merely strategic. His TRUE goal is to be the biggest Lefty kook that ever there was!

Biden is reportedly furious that his staff keeps cleaning up after his gaffes, telling advisers it “undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise.

Yeah, but there IS no real authenticity! And he won the Presidency by fraud! So spare me the “authenticity” crap…

Like ALL Leftists, he depends on fraud and lies to prevent people from discovering what he really thinks. THAT is the prevailing Lefty strategy–lie about who they are and don’t let the people actually choose between options.

Have you ever met a “mainstream” Democrat who didn’t lie about his or her positions? I never have. There are a few from overwhelmingly Lefty districts who can afford to show who they really are, but not many can electorally afford to let their Lefty Freak Flags fly!

Look, they are lying to you!

Dementia Dishonesty


what planet is he ON? Dementia Joe strikes again…

President Joe Biden falsely claimed that January 6 rioters at the U.S. Capitol “killed two police officers” while giving the commencement address at his alma mater Saturday.

But wait, there’s more!

On Friday, Biden told another whopper while addressing graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy. He claimed he’d been accepted to the venerable institution in 1965 but opted for the University of Delaware because future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach blocked his path to gridiron glory. In fact, by 1965, Biden had already graduated from college, and while he was at Delaware, he never played varsity football despite later claiming he did

Dementia Dishonesty

Biden is just

a senile, lying doof!

Basically, he has always been a liar. But now the dementia makes it TONS worse and while the impulse to spin yarns is still there, he is no longer cognitively able to lie persuasively.

So yes, he is now and has always been a liar. It’s just that now he is unable to lie even reasonably well. So what we have is a mixture of dementia and chronic dishonesty.

Oh, and Lefties, YOU voted for this! Sometimes that fact makes me shake my head and say, Really? But this is YOUR fault.

Biden told the midshipmen that he applied to the Naval Academy in 1965. He told a tale of applying to the Academy with a letter from then-Delaware Senator J. Caleb Boggs. However, in 1965, Biden graduated from the University of Delaware. He wouldn’t have been applying for graduate courses at the Naval Academy because there were none. The tale was an odd one, mixing his dream of playing football with his interest in the Naval Academy. [emphasis added]

Dishonesty Lefty Political Philosophy

I think there

has indeed been a collapse of trust.

The issue at play now is that the majority of Americans have lost trust in our ability to govern and also, whether our leaders are even telling us the truth or are we simply being manipulated?

… We have arrived at a point that appears intentional. The utter disregard for breaking the sacred bond between ordinary Americans and their leadership, fealty to the principles and practices of a nation that has stood for good, stood for a better tomorrow, and been that beacon of hope to the entire world is now in doubt.

The problem is that Democrats and RINOs have been chronically dishonest. So no one trusts them.

One Lefty friend of mine (well, former friend) embodies such dishonesty. Rather than just saying what he truly believes, he hides his core beliefs because they would be so distasteful to those around him.

But the price for that is that he can never really be himself–he never knows if his friends really like him because there is always this dread that if they knew what he truly believed, they would never accept him or trust him.

What a sad existence!

Bad Faith Crime Dishonesty

It’s gonna be

freakin’ AWESOME! Direct and re-direct are gonna be LIT!

Bad Faith Dishonesty Evil


hope the “Dirty 51” pay and pay dearly! It was ALWAY a scummy lie!

So naturally Joe Biden liked it and repeated it over and over…

I hope Trump takes them to court and sues them for every red cent they have or will ever earn!

Time to teach some lessons. Lesson one…

Buffoons Dishonesty GetWokeGoBroke


we have a problem

If CNN had focused on hard news, it might be in a better position today. Having traded news for narrative, it’s now trading narrative for infotainment. And it says everything about Chris Wallace that he left FOX News not for CNN’s news division, but for its infotainment streaming app where he can appear alongside old episodes of Anthony Bourdain only to have the latter beat him every time.

… CNN, like the rest of the media, spent too many years lying to Americans to ever be trusted. And the 20% of the country that shares its views already has too many media outlets competing for its business. The other 80% will hardly even notice that it’s gone. A news network that once had a stranglehold on the American public has lost its authority and even its airport business.

Dishonesty Hypocrisy Immorality

Graham has turned

out to be a pretty nasty piece of work.

Graham, Romney, Cheney… They have ALL shown themselves to be turds.

And what is frustrating is the lying! Having them pretend to be something they are not is just aggravating. Whether it’s “Pierre” Romney begging for a cabinet spot with Trump and then viciously turning on him when Trump doesn’t go along or Liz Cheney’s open betrayal, it is maddening. Just stand up for what you actually believe!

And Graham has the skills to actually help. But no, he has chosen the “dark side” and pretends to be one thing when he is really another.

No more RINOs, OK?