Dishonesty Piss-poor judgment


He is a known liar. So his “word as a Biden” is worth CRAP.

Look, he has LONG been known as a liar–that is certainly nothing new. I’m not sure it is even possible to name a politician who has been as chronically dishonest over the years as he has been!

It’s like hearing, “My word as a rattlesnake, I won’t bite you!” Uhm, OK…

Who thought it was a good idea for him to say that? Does it fool anyone who is not a partisan and ignorant rube? The chutzpah is just breathtaking!

The truth is, Biden voters knew what he was when they picked him up.

Bad Faith Dishonesty

Well now,

isn’t THAT interesting? So he knew that the story had to be largely true, but signed a letter saying it wasn’t. So he admits he lied. Gotcha.

A former intelligence official who signed the letter attacking the New York Post story on the Hunter Biden laptop as potential Russian disinformation has admitted to knowing much of the story had to be true and has no regrets about signing the letter at the time.

Yeah, suuuure:

“The letter said it had the earmarks of Russian deceit and we should consider that as a possibility,” Wise told The Australian. “It did not say Hunter Biden was a good guy, it didn’t say what he did was right and it wasn’t exculpatory, it was just a cautionary letter.”

BOTH a liar and a weasel!

Dementia Joe Dishonesty Piss-poor judgment

The fabulist-in-chief

is at it once again! <sigh>

Look, Biden has always been a liar. But now he is so demented that he mistakes his self-aggrandizing fantasies for fact. He can no longer tell the difference.

Oh sure, that happened! Lefties, don’t you get embarrassed by Biden’s continual lies? I mean, c’mon!

Wow, who had such piss-poor judgment that they actually voted for this guy?

Dementia Joe Dishonesty

This guy is

a liar and now he is so demented that he just confabulates things. Look, there was never a bright line between truth and self-lauding puffery for Joe Biden. The history is quite clear on that.

But now he is horribly demented, as well as being a liar. He just is no longer able to distinguish between fact self-aggrandizing fantasy.

Current Events Dishonesty


Baby steps

Now they need to “make whole” all the people they damaged by kicking them out.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon dropped its vaccine mandate for military service members following legislation signed into law in December giving the Pentagon 30 days to rescind the mandate.

Bad Faith Dishonesty


Well, never mind

It was AWAYS a ruse.

Current Events Dishonesty Lefty Squalor


village, indeed. Can’t let “Biden” see what he has done, now can we?

Current Events Dishonesty Government Thuggery

Yeah, more

or less…

Now the TRUTH is that many people faced losing their jobs or being kicked out of college unless the got The Jab.™

And I have all sorts of sympathy for them. Yes, they took a risk, but MANY would not have done so but for the very real pressure they got as well as frank misinformation (or DISinformation in some cases). Most took the route they did out of lack of guile combined with expediency.

I was just lucky that I was in a position where didn’t have to face that devil’s dilemma. There but for the grace of God go I…

What they did isn’t nice or even moral!

Say, you don’t think they could have done that with their COVID vaccine, too. Do you? If you think they are more concerned about human suffering than profit, you are a naïve chump!

Dishonesty Lefty Political Strategy

It’s WAY worse

than they will admit.

They did the Democrat thing: Just lie to hide the bad news!



It’s just gobsmacking!

Here on Planet Earth, there is no way that Republicans can be blamed for the overwhelming crisis at the Mexican border. I’m actually running out of eye rolls at this point. The Dems pivoted quickly from calling Republicans “racists” for being opposed to their various schemes letting migrants enter the United States unfettered and undocumented (Matt has more on the latest one of those here) to “Yeah, they’re totally responsible for the migrant flood.”

… The mess at the Mexican border is theirs [Democrats’]. They broke it, they own it, and no amount of coordinated prevarication is going to change that.