Why yes,

yes it does.

I think that wise parents generally no longer put their kids in public schools if there are any reasonable other options. There may be the occasional decent public school (and I’ve seen some very good public school teachers), but those are getting rarer and rarer…

Already, the best teachers leave for charter schools or other such settings…

Education Freedom

Oh yeah,

ya think?

Key findings of the report included that “[c]ampuses do not consistently achieve an atmosphere that promotes free expression,” “[s]tudents who identify as conservative face distinctive challenges,” and “[s]tudents across the political spectrum want more opportunities to engage with those who think differently.”

In other breaking news, water is wet!

Culture Education

Yup! Absolutely


Will the public schools ever recover? I don’t think so, not totally. And not for years, in any case. COVID is the best thing that ever happened to the homeschooling industry! And to parents and kids.

And this means a larger percentage of people who are both well-educated, skeptical, and not a product of 12 years of indoctrination.

Democrats should be crapping their britches over what is likely to eventually come about. Democrats have lost the “long game.”

At least the pandemic had a silver lining. It taught parents that there are better alternatives to government schools.

… Others tried home schooling. Many had been skeptical but now discovered that their kids learned more, and their family life was enriched by teaching at home. The education establishment sneers at home schooling, but home-schooled students, even though they are more likely to be poor, score 30% higher on SAT tests. They also do better in college, and they are less likely to drink or do drugs.

… Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed what his office called “the most expansive school choice legislation in the nation.” It gives money to families that they can spend on private school, home schooling, micro schools, tutoring or any other educational service that meets the needs of kids. Any kid can qualify. The state simply gives families what they would have spent in the public school (up to $7,000 per child). That’s much more generous and simpler than other states’ choice plans.

… One poll showed that 74% of African Americans and 71% of Latinos support school choice. … Choice opponents are mostly unions, establishment Democrats and frightened suburban Republicans.

Culture Education

Yes, traditional

education is indeed crumbling. That is NOT to say that there is no benefit there, but I think colleges and universities are going to start having to verbalize just what those benefits are, and then people are going to make (gasp!) informed decisions.

High skill professions will always need training. But…

Education Freedom

Yeah, it’s

called, “education.”

Student reactions to the lessons have been “overwhelmingly positive–and universally so,” Boghossian told The Fix in an email. “I frequently heard phrases like ‘changed my life.’”

Education Lame

Well, yeah!

Did anyone honestly expect anything else?

Understand well, keep whatever beliefs you want, but college is NOT about expanding your knowledge. It is NOT about challenging things and gaining analytical skills. Not anymore. It is about nodding at Lefty professors until you are beyond their grip.


A professor may say that he or she is open to contrary opinions, but don’t be fooled–it is absolutely not true. No, just mouth the words they want to hear until you are free of them. THEN do what is right…


People are getting

heartily sick of the public schools.

My kids are grown. But if I had to do it over, I’m not at all sure I would go the public school route. It was fine then. I’m not at all sure it’s fine now.

Current Events Education

Attributed to

Samuel Johnson:

Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.

This is a warning to wokesters!

It thus looks pretty likely that with accumulated postjudgment interest, Oberlin will have to fork over in excess of $34 million to the Gibson family. This is on top of the millions Oberlin has spent on attorneys fees, and millions more that the negative publicity has and will likely cost Oberlin. The eight-figure disaster should serve as a timely object lesson to universities and administrators: surrendering to wokeism and cancel culture (in Oberlin’s case, embracing and participating in it) can have very real, very expensive repercussions.

Administrators would be wise, indeed, to heed this warning. Focus on EDUCATION, not wokeism!

And for students, suing the school is a great way to pay for your education!


In the past 60 years

or so, traditional American universities have been anything but nimble. But that needs to change, and such change probably starts with the requirements for a BA.

Now I can already hear the hollering about how this cuts out “generals” that are more about being “well-rounded” than anything else, but I think that is misguided to a large extent. Yeah, it sure does cut into them.

So yes, there may be a couple “generals” that everyone takes, but those would be very few and far between. I think those are luxuries that few of us want to pay for either in money or time (and in a very real sense, time IS money!).

How about I start learning what I need to know in my profession on day 1? Master’s Degree in 4 years!

I just don’t think a four year extension of adolescence (this time with beer!) is all that great of an idea. And it’s even worse for the non-animal-house student who just wants to get his or her degree and get out into the workplace or into grad school.

Yes, tradition says four years. But there is no good reason NOT to make it three. Especially given the yearly costs required to go to most schools. Is another year really worth another $50 grand in debt for tuition, books, food, and housing?