Epic fail Stooooopid!

Honestly, she is

dumber than crap! She is very clearly too stupid to even know what “Fascism” is. If she were a dog, she would get lost on the end of a leash.

Her constituents ought to be just embarrassed. Holy crap! Is she the dumbest person ever to be elected to the House? I’m not a historian and so I don’t exactly know, but you can bet that she is firmly ensconced in the top 5…

Unbelievable moron. I mean, this is not run-of-the-mill dumb–this is stupid on a cosmic level! What, does she think “Fascist” means, “Anything I don’t like?”

Epic fail Medicine Science


physicians strike back! It’s about time that physicians and all sorts of providers stop cowering and speak up.

As a sort of provider myself, I understand. I fortunately wasn’t faced with it, but would I be willing to face loss of income in order to stand for truth? I sure hope so. But it was an amazingly difficult test.

But many providers were weighed in the balances and found wanting. I understand. And there but for the grace of God go I. But let’s be honest–it was still a massive failure.

Epic fail



Only a great fool expects elected Democrats to use money wisely…

Republican-led red states on average use taxpayers’ money more effectively to provide superior government services than Democrat-led blue states, according to a new study.

And I say again, DUH!

Epic fail

Remember Jared.

How tragic! He is the victim of a fad. And he will NEVER fully recover

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Epic fail

Are we seeing

the Democrat party crumbling? I doubt it–that would just be too much justice for this world! But a man can dream…

If you watched closely, and know how to fight your way through the media fog machine, Democrats had a terrible week. Biden’s reversal on crime in DC, the apparent preparations for restoring some of Trump’s fascist border controls, AOC in trouble for her socialist ethics (yes, that’s an oxymoron), the panicked response to Tucker Carlson, Mayor Pete’s meltdown, and the beyond embarrassing performance of Democrats in House oversight hearings paints a picture of a party running out of gas.

Epic fail Sociopathy

Most “expertise”

(in Social Science especially) is ALL about credentials, and actually has only a glancing relationship with actual competence. Yes, credentials mean something. But not actually all that much, other than in hands-on areas.

The “experts” told us that COVID came from a wet market, that two weeks of isolation would flatten the curve, that lockdowns posed few health risks, that closed schools posed few developmental harms, that masks prevented transmission, that natural immunity provided no protection, that “vaccines” provided total protection, and that those same untested and experimental injections caused no serious side effects.  The “experts” were wrong, but they held the most fashionable opinions...

Read the whole thing!

Epic fail Hypocrisy

Yes, Lefties are

quick to strut and preen and pontificate when they live in a safely Conservative and securely defended enclave. Sure, they don’t have either guns or intact reality testing. But their neighbors have both!

“Defund the police? Oh sure, but of course I have hired private security!”

But of course, while these folks do indeed sympathize with the rioters and miscreants, they just won’t move to Portland. Of course.

Don’t fall for what they say, believe what they do!

It’s the ultimate NIMBY! They love Leftism–just not where they live.

Epic fail Evil

Welcome to

the”Biden” Pleasure Dome!

You’re a long way from home…

Epic fail

Hey, I

like electric cars–they are incredibly “torquey” and quick.

But are they even as good as internal combustion engines for the environment? Not even close. Are they as functional as ICE cars? Not even close.

But are there things I like about them? Oh yeah. But I realize that just like solar and wind power, they are a scourge on the environment.

And that is by far not the only reason!

Epic fail Hypocrisy

Do you consider

yourself to be an environmentalist?