Energy Epic fail

Just you

wait. You ain’t seen nothin yet!

Dishonesty Epic fail Evil

These guys are

moral midgets! What on earth are they doing? No freakin’ wonder no one trusts them.

In a criminal case it should now be automatic–if the FBI is a party, that side loses. Why? Because they do really bad things and then lie about it. They are not at all trustworthy and have shown over and over that they are partisans and liars. Why in Heaven’s name would you believe them?


So Trump wasn’t selling nuclear secrets on Craigslist after all. Who knew? Everyone. And that likely includes the Department of Justice and the FBI.

… Please forward this article to your liberal sister harpy-in-law and her blue-haired, trans-pansexual, gelding lady-boyfriend who clung like sad, tragic barnacles to the embarrassing lie that Trump was trying to sell nuclear missiles to the Kaiser — or whatever it is they needed to believe.

Elections Epic fail

Here’s where we stand

in terms of the House as of last night.

That means that there are still 20 to be decided, with nine of those where the Republicans are leading. Assuming they held all those leads, Republicans would have 221. But for control, they need just six of them.

I think it’s totally inexcusable that some states are not competent and are too inept to call a race on election night–you know, like Florida. It totally smacks of voter fraud!

And, no shocker, pretty much ALL of those states have Lefties running that show. Gee, why am I not surprised? A little competence would sure be nice!

Hey states, get your crap together! <Sheesh!>

Elections Epic fail

I think that

this pretty much counts as an in-kind donation to Vance, doesn’t it?

Epic fail Politics


Conservatives are ready to govern.

I mean, how can Democrats not recognize, at least to themselves, that they have failed?

Buffoons Epic fail

Well, it was

an epic troll. I honestly didn’t know the crude meaning of “ligma,” either (don’t hit the link if you are easily offended by crude humor).

But you gotta admit, it was a HUGE troll. Cosmic. “Rahul Ligma.” Wow!

It was the best kind of mocking, in my book–they were mocked to their faces and then publicized it and didn’t even know that they were being mocked as a fool!

Epic fail Incompetence

Here is some

analysis that the MSM is frantically avoiding.

Without a doubt, Pennsylvania voters, and indeed the nation, saw firsthand that he is not capable of being a U.S. senator.

… From the beginning, it was clear that this was going to be a rough night for Fetterman, who opened up the debate by announcing, “Hi, goodnight, everybody.”

Epic fail


what’s WRONG with this guy?

I just think that is now SO impaired that he sometimes can’t differentiate between reality and fantasy! Not good for the leader of the free world…

Did YOU vote for this guy? If so, what on earth were you thinking? Were you smoking wacky weed?

Epic fail Ignoramuses

It’s just

so dang awesome! Hey guys, you’re not scientists, you are fricken’ MORONS! Go ahead and soil your britches, freaks! Then just sit in your feces and see what that does to your skin!

But that is just fine, because it would take energy to pump water in so you could clean yourself…

And what, no HEAT in the building at night? Would they suggest that we burn more fossil fuels to warm their sorry (and chapped) butts up?

Epic fail Immorality

Stop your moral

preening, Democrats. YOU are the moral derelicts!

YOU don’t have the moral high ground, here…

So just face it: YOU are the moral turd! And I am an enemy to your gross immorality. And you LIE about it, to boot. Take a hard look at yourself!