Disgusting! Epic fail Fools

A panic of

their own making.

Here’s a hint: Young people are delaying doing grown up things because the recession caused by “Biden” and his band of cockeyed morons makes such decisions very unsafe ones!

Her whining is like shooting your parents and then crying because you are an orphan. Just shut up Kamala, you evil, dishonest, and incompetent moron! You’ve entertained us quite enough. Now put your head down…

Like MOST people, my disdain for her is immense.

Epic fail Fighting Back

Yeah, don’t kid

yourself. We will not comply.

What Grisham did is unconstitutional on it’s face. @IrishDemocracy…

Epic fail Treason

Honestly, could

this administration BE any more traitorous?

Holy crap! What’s WRONG with Biden? Vote this evil clown out of office!

Age-related decline Captain Obvious Dementia Joe Epic fail

Holy crap!

What a confused old man!

Truly, it is embarrassing!

Even five questions were too much for him. By the end, he was going off into “dog-faced pony soldier” land. This is truly embarrassing. 

… Watch as his staff cuts off the press conference even as he’s still answering a question from the podium, that’s how bad it was going. I don’t think I’ve seen this before, cutting him off mid-word. The staff knew that he was completely off the tracks at this point, and they moved to step in. Then they play music to get him off the stage and cover up anything he might be saying. 

It is NOT just embarrassment, here. This is a national security issue. When the world keeps seeing what a doddering, senile old fool he is, it emboldens our enemies and discourages our allies!

Somehow, with Biden, it always manages to keep getting worse. Unfortunately, this is happening on the world stage, and it’s endangering our national security. 

Epic fail

Epic fail!

A double fail.

This week’s White House report card finds President Joe Biden at another international summit, the G20 in India, hobbled by a horrible approval rating, a public struggling to make ends meet, and a disgruntled liberal base who want somebody else to run for president on the 2024 Democratic ticket.

And here’s what an inveterate Biden cheerleader said:

This was a catastrophic week for President Joe Biden due in large part to a new CNN poll out on Wednesday. Not only is overall job approval at 39%, but 58% of those polled said that things are actually worse since he has been in office.

The president is trying to get control of his message of success with the economy and fighting for the right of women to choose, but the CNN poll revealed that now 73% of voters do not want him to run, including 65% of Democrats. The poll created just the sort of buzz that he just doesn’t need.

What does it mean when even Biden’s former boosters are turning on him? Rats fleeing a sinking ship, I reckon…

Bad Faith Epic fail Evil Clown


they do! NIMBY-ism on steroids

The co-hosts of “The View” said the illegal aliens need to be “resettled elsewhere,” both in the world and across the United States before Joy Behar blamed illegal immigration on “global warming and climate change.”

… “This issue will destroy New York City. Destroy New York City,” Adams said… “It’s gonna come to your neighborhoods. All of us are going to be impacted by this,” he added. “I said it last year when we had 15,000. I’m telling you now with 110,000. The city we knew, we’re about to lose.” [emphasis added]


Anti-scientific stance Epic fail

Yeah, it’s a

HUGE fail!

Taxpayers will soon be on the hook for The Coming Green Energy Bailout.

Yyyyyup! It just don’t work!

Epic fail Evil

Well, yeah.

That’s what explosive-diarrhea spending will do. DUH!

Honestly, did you think you could be totally incontinent in spending and magically NOT send inflation through the roof?

So is this just an epic fail, or is it deliberate evil? I’m honestly not at all sure.

Age-related decline Epic fail

Sure, sure,

And I’m the King of Sweden!

Look pal, I’m not stupid. And I have eyes. So stop blowing smoke.

Civil Rights Epic fail

Play stupid games,

win stupid prizes.