Epic fail Evil Clown

It was just

epically bad!

Yes indeed, Joe Biden is Gollum, desperately lusting for power. And like Gollum, he is very dangerous and cannot just be laughed at and dismissed.

Others have pointed it out, but it really was shocking how President Biden’s recent speech in Philadelphia resembled a cinematic cameo by one of the lesser demons of hell. 

Joe Biden is pathetic and utterly laughable. But don’t be confused, he is also very dangerous. As seen in a recent movie:

He then mocks Gargan as nothing more than a cue-card holder for Kennedy, who’s an important leader. It’s not smoke and fire and the horns of Satan, but something more powerful — the quiet degradation of another human being. Teddy, now converted to the dark side, tells Joe that everybody has negative traits. Even Moses had a temper, he offers. “That’s true,” Joe replies, “but Moses didn’t leave a dead girl at the bottom of the Red Sea.”

Evil Clown Psychopathology

Get rid of

this turd. He is befuddled–he thinks that anyone who disagrees with him is a threat to the nation.

Malignant narcissism.

Current Events Epic fail Evil Clown

Yes, Biden’s speech

was an utter disaster! Yes, the visuals were beyond horrible. True enough. I don’t know who the morons were who dreamed up and then approved THIS! But holy crap! They should be working the midnight shift at the local 7-11. I mean, who on earth thought this was a good idea?

Oh, I have words to describe this fiasco, but they are words I learned when I was with Marines, and they are not fit for a family blog. They are not even PG-13!

But it wasn’t just the breathtakingly horrible visuals. The content was also abysmally bad! Biden harangued, nattered, and threatened half the voting population the whole time. This was NOT a uniting speech. Far from it…

So in combination, it was colossal failure, the extent of which we have rarely seen, at least in living history! I do indeed think that you have to go back to Dukakis in a tank to get this epic of a failure!

Evil Clown

You know that when

even The Washington Post and CNN are aghast at your ham-handed dictator schtick, you have gone too far, even for a Democrat.

Many, many progressives have bought into this idea that this is their Flight 93 Election and they don’t want to hear anything but that kind of rhetoric.

… There’s a reason Biden and the Democrats are waving the bloody shirt: Polls show they will likely lose the midterm elections if they don’t.

I strongly suspect that they will get their pathetic butts kicked even if they do!

If I were really a distrustful person, I would think that the DNC would shoot Biden. That would do three things:

First, it would get rid of a stinky dead albatross that is hanging around their necks. Biden sucks and everyone knows it.

Second, it would generate all sorts of good will toward the party of the fallen President (both real and ginned up by MSM flying monkeys).

Third, it would be the excuse to try and destroy the Second Amendment and ban all guns.

A Biden assassination would be SO good for Left that I strongly suspect that they will try it. Certainly, Kamala is all in on it!

Corruption Evil Clown

It’s dead,

Jim! I mean, how much of a clown would you have to be to believe the FBI on this? Evil clown, actually.

Mere moments after the Department of Justice and FBI released the near-completely redacted affidavit they used to justify raiding former President Donald Trump’s home, their super-dooper-secrecy was the subject of widespread ridicule.

… Today, a plurality of independent voters, a strong majority of Republican voters, and 20 percent of Democrats believe the DOJ and FBI “are too political, corrupt, and not to be trusted,” according to Trafalgar Group polling.

… Republican midwits can cite law and order to justify their servility and their ambitions all they like. In a healthy country, the people are deeply skeptical of opaque power — especially when it’s repeatedly used to lie and persecute political opponents. We’re far from healthy today, but a collective laugh at the FBI’s joke of an affidavit is a long-needed step in the right direction.

Election Fraud Evil Clown Morality

Oh yeah,

ya think? DUH!

Look, we always knew what this evil clown was doing. Only HUGE fools didn’t understand. They may have liked it, but they understood what was happening.

Now, that leads us directly to questions of personal morality… And Leftists almost always don’t want to confront these very real issues.

Evil Clown

Are you shocked?

Are you stupid?

Evil Clown


not taking her ignominious defeat well!

Evil Clown

Yes, Brandon is

climbing down. As surreptitiously as possible.

There’s yet another sign of a partial return to normality inside the federal government and the Biden administration running up the white flag in terms of the vaccination wars. Starting next week, there will be no more “special” COVID testing protocols for federal employees based on their vaccination status. Offices that require testing (particularly in healthcare facilities) will have all employees tested and will no longer inquire as to the worker’s vaccination status. Offices without mandatory testing requirements will cease mandating testing for unvaccinated workers… 

… So what happens to all of the workers who were either fired or resigned from their jobs in anticipation of being fired because they refused to comply? What compensation will be available to them for the disruption of their careers? Are we all supposed to just forget about them, return to our normal lives, and pretend all of this never happened?

UPDATE: Just as an aside, I quit a job over them demanding that I get the vaccine. Yes, I am now in a better position and I would never go back, but the fact remains that I left because of their rigid vaccine vaccine crap. And the treatment program I was working in collapsed because there was no one to fill my role…

Evil Clown

Yes Lizzy, that

will be a bonus for you. PLUS, you will no longer have to pretend you are a Republican! I very much doubt, from a personality perspective, that you even CAN do it, but you could stop lying now! At least theoretically.