Epic fail Foolishness

Adam Schiff

is SUCH a fool! Honestly, just a total idiot. and he can’t hide it. He insists on exposing himself to ridicule.



this is true for MOST Biden voters…

Folks, it’s time to wise up!

Cowardice Foolishness

No debt limit

increase is probably a good thing.



You wonder

how this happened? Here’s how.

Here’s the gist: Vlad wanted to create the RUBK. The RUBK consists of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. With its demographics and natural resources, the RUBK has the geostrategic punch to secure global Great Power status.

Captain Obvious Foolishness

Yeah, there’s

a bit of a discrepancy. Democrats and cowardly RINOs…


So you bought

an electric car, didja?

Too bad, eh?

Switzerland is considering banning electric vehicles for non-essential travel this winter as the continent deals with an energy crisis sparked by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Foolishness Incompetence

I gotta admit,

I am pretty cheesed off at the Republican leadership in DC. Quite salty, actually. I think McConnell and his ilk deserve to be fired. Let’s get Scalise and some new, more competent blood in there! These guys got way too fat and happy and got sloppy and stopped understanding that their performance actually matters!

This was an uncontested lay-up. And those incompetent fools missed it. They thought they could just phone it in and make no effort.

Sure, Biden is horribly unpopular and has made a complete hash of things. But it doesn’t get any easier than this, and they made a dog’s breakfast of it!

And you know what? They should be fired for their incompetence.

I’m not sure we can even blame much on voter fraud (though AZ and PA certainly had it). No, this is just flat-out ineptitude.

Foolishness Impending Democrat Doom

Don’t kid yourself,

this represents the rats jumping off the sinking ship.

They lied. And some of them even admit it, now. Bastards!

They knew. They ALL knew. Remember that when you go vote…

Well, it sure looks like Clyburn understands what happened. In March of 2021, Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into law, and, as Clyburn conceded, that sent prices up.

Economy Foolishness

Imagine that!

Oh, so inflation is yet again higher. Good job, Biden!

Oh, and thanks to all this inflation, Americans’ real wages—wages accounting for real purchasing power—remain in decline. Real average weekly earnings decreased by 3.8% from September 2021 to September 2022, according to today’s data update.

… As the September CPI reminds us, inflation is a stealth tax on the American public. And it’s happening because the federal government spent trillions of dollars we didn’t have and printed money like crazy. Don’t forget those root causes when you’re paying more at the pump or the grocery store.

And way to go Biden voters. Waaay to go…

Voters, are you ready to vote these idiots out of office? I sure hope so.


Current Events Foolishness

Yes indeed,

some of you were just plain stupid to vote for tyranny “Biden.”

Others of you were just partisan hacks. Still others of you were just led docily by the nose by a partisan MSM–you voted with your spleen instead of your brain (it’s not just there for decoration, you know!).

Politics aside, everyone SHOULD be upset by the raid. We just took a step closer to becoming the Stalin states of Amerika. I’m sure your liberal sister-in-law and her man-bunned, non-binary femme-boi are celebrating with a bottle of Skinnygirl Pinot Grigio, but normal humans should be angry. [emphasis added]

But you get what you dang well deserve. Unfortunately, those of us who were FAR wiser get damaged, too. We ALL have to drink from the bitter cup of your stupidity.

Way to go, Biden voters. Way to go…