Shameless hypocrisy.

Then again, with this administration do you expect anything different?

Hypocrisy Immorality

What a freakin’


An honest person would welcome the truth coming out. But we have known for many years that Joe Biden is NOT an honest person!

Crime Hypocrisy Media Flying Monkeys

It’s a BIG deal.

Yes it is. But you just wouldn’t know it from the sleazy and groveling, suck-up MSM “coverage.” You have to go to other sources to get the truth.

Let’s face it: The MSM is firmly “in the tank” for Biden. And they will lie, by commission or omission, about everything Biden.

I sure wish we had a non-partisan MSM! But we very obviously don’t.

It’s the scandal that avoids the laser-focus attention of the press. If this were Trump, and for a time it was, the hysterics and endless lectures about following proper protocol would have predominated the news cycle. Now that Biden has his own and more serious classified document circus, the narrative has switched to ‘this stuff happens all the time,’ dating back to the Kennedy days. 


Adams: “Yeah,

but not here!”

Dishonesty Hypocrisy


But I find this action reprehensible. Gender identification is fluid, morons!

The saga gained international attention and came to a head after The Post revealed last month that once outside school, Lemieux often ditches the breasts, wig and makeup and appears as a man, which sent shockwaves through the district.

One moment I might feel like wearing giant prosthetic breasts, but the next moment I may not. Don’t be so rigid, Lefties! Gender FLUID!

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!

Epic fail Hypocrisy

Yes, Lefties are

quick to strut and preen and pontificate when they live in a safely Conservative and securely defended enclave. Sure, they don’t have either guns or intact reality testing. But their neighbors have both!

“Defund the police? Oh sure, but of course I have hired private security!”

But of course, while these folks do indeed sympathize with the rioters and miscreants, they just won’t move to Portland. Of course.

Don’t fall for what they say, believe what they do!

It’s the ultimate NIMBY! They love Leftism–just not where they live.

Hypocrisy Media Flying Monkeys

The ante has

been raised. And the MSM is totally up for the challenge!

You see, the story here isn’t that a man and his surrogates scammed a state into electing him when he wasn’t healthy enough to do the job. The story is just how courageous he is for not being able to do his job. Apparently, the US Senate is now a rehab facility for people with long-standing (and previously undisclosed) severe clinical depression. Never mind that Fetterman’s stroke has left him very clearly permanently damaged in a way that will keep him from ever truly representing his constituents.

… What truly blows my mind, though, is that these are the same press outlets that reported on Donald Trump walking down a ramp slowly and holding a glass of water with two hands, as if it was grounds for forced removal from office. Meanwhile, they pretend that Fetterman is just fine and shouldn’t resign despite how obvious it is that he’s not going to recover. The hypocrisy is off the charts.

Epic fail Hypocrisy

Do you consider

yourself to be an environmentalist?

Evil Hypocrisy

Yeah, remember?

I certainly do!

Oh, and:

Oh, it’s hypocrisy, all right. Along with hierarchy.

Energy Hypocrisy

Leftist “Green”

folks show a HUGE la belle indifférence when it comes to electrical energy.

And that goes to the massive toxic waste produced by solar and wind, as well as the copper and cobalt that HAS to be mined in order for those things to work at all.

Wisdom of the ages: There is no free lunch.