Dirtbag Hypocrisy

“Cafeteria Catholic.”

Yep, that pretty much describes senile Joe in a nutshell. And he has always been that way!

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Bizarre Evil Clown Hypocrisy

Odd, wouldn’t

you say? It’s almost like they are just pandering!

The Biden White House social media account “La Casa Blanca” did not post anything related to “Transgender Day of Visibility” while the English White House account on X made a post on Easter to declare the LGBTQ recognition day. 

Funny how that is, eh? I guess for Spanish speakers, the White House made it so trans people were not at all visible!  

But be assured, the trannies are heard, they are loved, they are understood, and they belong! They just don’t belong on Spanish WH social media feeds, amIright?

Nope, no pandering here.

And then Biden weirdly denied declaring Easter, “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Uhm, he signed a proclamation saying that! Does he just not remember? It’s just so dang bizarre!

Hypocrisy Illegal Immigration

Sanctuary? Did

I say “Sanctuary?” Well, never mind

A Denver city official begged migrant families to move on to other sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago, warning them that a lack of resources in Colorado would cause them to ‘suffer.’

Look, anywhere but here!

Carerra then professes that officials will buy migrants tickets ‘to any city. We can take you up to the Canadian border, wherever!’

Everyone’s a Conservative when the rubber meets the road…

Dishonesty Faker! Hypocrisy

Kinda funny how

the “Never Trump” are all prancing and preening, supposedly looking for the nearest fainting couch because of Trump, when in actuality they are irredeemable moral dirtbags!

Spare me…

Hypocrisy Illegal Immigration

“Biden” keeps

with the traitorous open border. Making it even worse! Even in his own words, the border is a HUGE problem. And we simply cannot trust this senile old turd to fix it.

Let’s take a hard and rather disturbing look at his crap-eating hypocrisy:

The Free Beacon’s Drew Holden notes that last week Biden acknowledged the border is not secure. “I haven’t believed it for the last 10 years,” he said (even though President Trump achieved relative security during his term). Has President Obama heard?

Dishonesty Hypocrisy

Oh I think

she should!

Hoisted on your own petard much?

Hypocrisy Political philosophy

Modern Leftism/Wokery

in one image:

Current Events Hypocrisy

Man bites dog…

I guess she’s crying, “Uncle!”

Maybe this is how things eventually change. But if so, it is thanks to the TX and FL governors.

Disgusting! Hypocrisy

All I can say

is, GOOD! These “sanctuary cities” need to put their money where their mouths are, and stop being craven hypocrites!


Well looky there!

Democrats hate dark money. Unless they are the ones who get it, of course!