Immigrants leaving

Martha’s Vineyard:

Yeah, pretty much!


Yeah, pretty


Disgusting! Evil Hypocrisy

How nice…

The money raised for the illegal immigrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard WON’T ACTUALLY GO TO HELP THEM!

Classic Lefty deception and hypocrisy. Yeah, pretty disgusting, but THIS is how the Lefty sausage is made!


Oh my!


I thought I was so jaded that I could not be surprised at anything people did–the depths of hypocrisy.

Boy, was I wrong!

‘They enriched us.’ Migrants’ 44-hour visit leaves indelible mark on Martha’s Vineyard

Bad Faith Epic fail Hypocrisy

Indeed, how

brave of them!

Current Events Hypocrisy

Oh, let’s


Aren’t YOU just offended by this gross Lefty hypocrisy? I sure am.

And I think most normal people are…

If you enjoyed watching the left squirm and enter fits of pearl-clutching rage after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) flew 50 illegal immigrants to the deep-blue elitist Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard, grab some popcorn and sit back in your comfiest chair because it’s about to get absolutely wild.

… The Biden administration — and Democrats in general — have virtually swept the insane border crisis under the rug for nearly two years. Now that a few brilliant governors are bringing the border crisis to the streets of blue-city America, which has caused liberals to go bonkers, the issue is finally gaining the attention it has so long deserved.


The truth is,

this whole illegal-immigrants-thrown-out-of-Martha’s-Vineyard thing is incredibly inconvenient for the Left.

Well, that was quick. A mere 50 illegal immigrants threw Martha’s Vineyard into a tizzy, revealing the shallowness of liberals’ humanitarianism.

And this is the take-home message. Within 24 hours, the hoity-toity denizens of Martha’s Vineyard got rid of all those dirty brown-skinned people! Threw them out. So much for “Sanctuary” status!

Yes, it lays bare their smarmy, NIMBY, crap-eating hypocrisy. And they just can’t tolerate THAT!

So c’mon DeSantis and Abbott, do it again–do it over and over and over…

UPDATE: yeah, good.

Bad Faith Hypocrisy Illegal Immigration

Martha’s Vineyard

resident reaction to 50 (only 50!) illegal immigrants:


How… uhh, nice.

Guys, this is hypocrisy, straight up!

I guess they need a new sign, eh?

Whited sepulchers. They look good on the outside but inside they are full of dead men’s bones and all manner of impurity…

Hypocrisy Illegal Immigration

But do Democrats

even care anymore about what the people think? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

A sizable majority of voters want the southern border secured and approve of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s move to pay back criticism from “sanctuary city” mayors by busing illegal immigrants to their towns.

It’s hilarious to see Martha’s Vineyard freak out about their wealthy Lefty population being pummeled with the “humanitarian crisis” of having fifty illegal immigrants shipped there. FIFTY!

Holy crap they are pampered wussies!

Mayors have sent some back while complaining about the costs of taking care of the immigrants despite calling their cities “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants. [emphasis added]