If hypocrisy

were an Olympic sport, the medal stand would be filled with Democrat mayors and governors! It’s actually kinda funny.

A Butt-Kicking Hypocrisy

McCarthy runs

rings around a CNN “gotcha” reporter!

There is NO need to kowtow to the crap-eating Lefty shills. Those days are done. I’m calling BS, now. I’m done.

Buffoons Hypocrisy


It’s what’s for dinner!


I could not

agree more. Put up or shut up! I just get sick of this crap-eating hypocrisy.

Despotism Disgusting! Hypocrisy

Catching on


h/t Powerline

Hypocrisy Lefty Squalor

Yeah, WISE

people are very careful about living in a Democrat-run place!

Of course, many Leftists know better than to actually live in a Lefty place. THEY are sure as heck not moving to Portland, Oregon!

They know that such a place is or will soon be a total Hell-hole. So they actually live in conservative places where they can simultaneously sponge off the wiser people and prance and preen and posture at how elevated and “woke” they are and how good they are for tolerating the benighted knuckle-draggers that live in their area.

But they are safe being this way, because other people (you know, those benighted knuckle-draggers) pick up the slack and make wise choices.

But they themselves would never live in a place that actually implemented their cockamamie ideas! Burglars don’t rob their house because their next-door neighbors are armed. These poseurs are “free riders,” which is why they live there in the first place!

What a disgusting sham…

Bad Faith Hypocrisy

You KNEW this

was going to blow up in their faces!

Wile E. Coyote.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and all that…

And I don’t want to hear a bloomin’ word of complaint from hypocritical Democrats!

Bad Faith Hypocrisy

Oh yes,

I have some questions…

As one Internet wag said, “Why do drag queens want to read to little kids but never volunteer to read to people in rest homes?”

Again, I think we ALL know why…

Culture Hypocrisy Lefty Political Philosophy

The memorable

Robert Downey, Jr. in blackface!

You knew he did blackface, right? As did Hugh Laurie.

I searched the web for Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster in blackface, and could find… nothing. Well, a single one. Gee, I wonder why that is? Why would someone totally “scrub” the Internet to remove such images?

Actually, I don’t wonder. I think we ALL know very well why. But I have the DVD with him in blackface!

Here is a photo: It is the ONLY one I could find:

I find it both hilarious and disturbing that Hugh Laurie “scrubbed” his past. Obviously, things change quickly, and what used to be OK now no longer isn’t. Classic Leftism!

Hypocrisy Racism

It really IS a

nightmare for Democrats! It lays bare the FACT that race is just an excuse for the. It is really about political preference, not race.

I mean, the Left has often attacked Justice Thomas, most often scurrilously and unfairly. It has been meant to damage his reputation.

So, Lefties, how is this not racism?

Why has Justice Thomas been singled out over the decades for so much contempt from the liberal elites in politics and media?

… The one thing a white racist cannot tolerate is a black man who thinks for himself. A black man or woman with an independent streak. A black individual who speaks his mind. One not bound to the liberal worldview.

… Burgess Owens, a black Republican congressman from Utah and former star professional football player, summed it up last year: “If these attacks were aimed at Barack Obama, for example, it would be called out by … the media for exactly what it is: pure racism.”

We are getting pretty sick of the Lefty racism, here!