Illegal Immigration

Good, good.

It’s a start. Since “Biden” won’t secure our borders, states now have to step up!

Culture Illegal Immigration

I think we

should be more like Europe. Don’t you?

But somewhere along the way, the hard experience of being invaded by unwelcome and very expensive squatters shaped the actual behavior of European countries, if not exactly what they were willing to say to the TV cameras. Europe is slowly but surely coming around to the idea that border walls are a necessary evil.

Biden-Induced Human Misery Evil Illegal Immigration

Way to go,

Biden voters. Waaaay to go

But some of you are starting to wise up!

Illegal Immigration

Oh, so it’s NOT

just Trump saying such things.

Meanwhile, Biden is as silent as that grave he has one foot in!

“Make no mistake, if you come here illegally, you will not be able to stay,” Sunak told U.K. media.

“Illegal migration is not fair on British taxpayers, it is not fair on those who come here legally and it is not right that criminal gangs should be allowed to continue their immoral trade. I am determined to deliver on my promise to stop the boats.” 

Sunak is on the Left, but that sounds downright… Trumpian!

I can’t wait for US Leftists to inform me that Sunak is (wait for it, waaaait for it): A RACIST!

Evil Illegal Immigration

Well, “Biden’s”

border policy doesn’t merely suck, it is malignant. So places like Texas need to fend for themselves…

Current Events Illegal Immigration

Well, well, well…

Isn’t that a surprise!

He [Cuomo] is saying the quiet part out loud: DeSantis, Ducey, and Abbot are right about how disastrous Biden’s open borders policies are. [emphasis added]

… “It was a mistake for President Biden to open the border without having a plan to handle the tremendous flow of people,” 

… It’s nice to see that at least one liberal is speaking the truth, and obvious to see why he feels free to do it. Cuomo needs to find a new base of supporters since his old ones abandoned him in his time of need. For Cuomo this is payback.

Illegal Immigration

Honestly, I

don’t get it. Why is “Biden” doing this? It seems so obviously stupid!

I suppose it is the assumption that these illegal immigrants and their kids will overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

But I’m not sure that is a safe assumption. Already the Cubans largely vote Conservative, and there is rumbling from the legitimate Hispanic immigrant population against this. People who patiently waited in line are not likely to be fond of “cutters.”

Illegal Immigration Stooooopid!

So now even

Lefty crapholes cities are acknowledging that illegal immigration is a real problem!

I’d like to think that these Democrats actually are NOT totally stupid about this. Likely they are just hacks. Stupid, yes, but mainly hacks.

Lefty “leaders” whimper and whinge about the influx of illegal aliens. SHUT UP YOU SNIVELING WHINERS!

“Mayors do a lot of things, but we are not responsible for a broken immigration system. What we need in this country is we need the Congress to do its job and fix this immigration system,” Bowser said.

REALLY? What part of that have Conservatives NOT been saying for years! Welcome to the party, pal…

You want this for OTHERS to suffer but you gripe and whimper when YOU are faced with similar (but far less severe) consequences? Just shut up, you spoiled brat whining losers!

Grow up!

Illegal Immigration


They said the quiet part out loud.

Illegal Immigration

So will

this get “Biden’s” attention?

Two days after President Joe Biden met with Democratic congressional lawmakers, 77 of those elected officials sent a letter on Jan. 26 urging him to reverse plans to limit asylum access and eligibility on the U.S.–Mexico border.

I dunno. I think “he” is probably too far down that road to turn back.