Biden-Induced Human Misery Evil Illegal Immigration Treason

Thanks Joe Biden!

What a peach!

<shakes head>

But hey, Emperor Joe says that states can’t just defend themselves since HE won’t fulfill his oath of office!

Aren’t you sick and disgusted with this yet?

Captain Obvious Illegal Immigration

Border security

isn’t important! Is it?

December is not quite over, and as Catherine noted earlier today, 250,000 illegal aliens have crossed the border this month — more than the number of people who stormed the beaches on D-Day.

I’m 99 percent certain that at least a little bit of this is [the] Chinese military infiltrating for reasons harmful to our national security. Is it one person, is it a hundred, is it a thousand—we don’t know, but the fact that we have to ask this question is just outrageous. Clearly, that border is a big opportunity. Some of those people want to come here and have a better way of life, but I think some of those Chinese [nationals] quite possibly are here to spy and report back at a minimum.

Evil Illegal Immigration

Gee, thanks Biden!

Thanks a lot. Way to go…

Hey Biden, how about you fulfill your oath? That would sure be nice.

Illegal Immigration Treason

What Biden is doing

is just freakin’ dangerous! And I think it is a CLEAR violation of his oath of office.

Disgusting! Evil Illegal Immigration

Doing the work

that “Biden” won’t. Oh, and it provides for a border wall. If the feds won’t do it, Texas will!

Really though, it really is doing the work that “Biden” is actively trying to undermine and prevent.

“Biden’s deliberate inaction has left Texas to fend for itself,” Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott said in Brownsville on Monday as he signed three bills into law meant to deter illegal aliens.

… White House spokesweasel Angelo Fernandez Hernandez called the laws “extreme” because of course he did, and insisted that the federal government “is charged with determining how and when to remove noncitizens for violating immigration laws,” even though Biden and Mayorkas have determined they largely won’t

What a traitorous turd! Biden has shown in spades that he is happy to sell out the country for a buck! And his minions are quite happy to follow along. Let’s just say the apple (Hunter) sure didn’t fall far from the tree!

And Obama smiles…

Illegal Immigration

Once Texas

is enforcing things and not relying on the feckless Biden junta, there will be some improvement.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill making Texas the first state in the union to give law enforcement officers the authority to arrest migrants who illegally enter the state. The measure, SB 4, was signed into law on Monday during a ceremony at the base of the border wall in Brownsville, Texas.

If one is actually interested in securing the border and protecting Americans (you know like Democrat politicians promised in their OATHS), this is what you do. Enough Biden lying and pandering!

OF COURSE “Biden” will challenge the law in court. “Biden” wants loads of illegal immigrants! Because that Lefty cabal is, quite frankly, an infestation of traitors.

Illegal Immigration

Are you

worried yet?

You should be!

Illegal Immigration

Yeah, because

IT IS! Democrats are whistling past the graveyard, here.

The vast majority of Americans – 81 percent – believe that illegal immigration into the United States is becoming a “serious problem” for the country, according to a recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports, which found that majorities from all political parties share concerns about the number of people entering the country.

Illegal Immigration

You realize

this is war, right? And “Biden” is actively batting for the other side. This has gone far beyond mere disagreements about policy. No, he is a traitor.

And THAT is only the ones they caught. MANY others got across the border undetected…

Why won’t “Biden” protect us from this horde? Just whose side are they on?

Evil Illegal Immigration

It’s not “free,” folks!

We are not just paying in money but also in human misery and suffering

The House Homeland Security Committee released a report this week that shows caring for illegal aliens currently within the United States could cost American taxpayers up to $451 billion per year. The 49-page interim staff report, appropriately titled “The Historic Dollar Costs of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ Open-Border Policies” was released the same day the House voted on a resolution to impeach Mayorkas.

But here’s the deal: NOTHING will be done about it. Joe Biden is doing this to you and there is nothing you can do about it. And the other people you elected to protect you… aren’t.