Evil Illegal Immigration

Like Democrats,

I think border security is important. For others.

Illegal Immigration


good news!

Basically, “Biden” will do what is right on immigration if cornered like a rat and forced to…

Yeah, pretty much!

Hypocrisy Illegal Immigration

Wha wa wa

waaaa! Qwitcher whining, Gavin! What a loser!

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) says President Joe Biden’s flights filled with border crossers and illegal aliens are particularly a “burden” for sanctuary states like his.

Illegal Immigration Morality

Hold on to

your hats. This moron isn’t done screwing things up!

Illegal migrants will flood the southern border when a signature Trump-era policy ends in late December, adding to the chaos federal authorities already experienced in fiscal year 2022, according to former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott and an agent on the southern border who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

States, you’re going to have to step up, since “Biden” wants more illegal immigration and will do all he can to increase it.

And Border states should continue to provide free rides to interior Lefty states. Let them feel the consequences of their behavior!

Here’s my fear: That this will inspire vigilantes to take up arms and defend against the border invasion. And can you blame them? If YOUR kids and grandkids couldn’t go outside because of invaders, would YOU arm yourself and protect them? Would YOU generally lock your doors? And if you would, just why?

What “Biden” is doing here is just stupid and dangerous! It will almost for sure provoke some very unfortunate actions.

When gov’t leaders are evil, the people suffer. And NOT just citizens!

IF you care about immigrants and morality in general, you want the southern border sealed off!

Evil Clown Illegal Immigration

Just do your

dang JOB, Joe! He’s not just a lazy bastard, he is an evil lazy bastard!

Illegal Immigration

Understand, this is

a HUGE deal! Since “Biden” won’t protect our borders, Abbott will!

In terms of Biden, this is traitorous! SOME might say he should be swinging from a lamp-post for this, not eating Jell-O and ice-cream in the Oval Office!

Current Events Illegal Immigration


The list of target cities grows

Such cities need to feel the pain they would inflict on others.

Evil Clown Illegal Immigration

Yeah, so the FACT

that he is an illegal immigrant is rather, uh, inconvenient for Katie Hobbs and the Democrats!

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is pointing out the irony of an illegal immigrant breaking into the campaign headquarters of her Democratic opponent and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

Oh, and the guy who assaulted Paul Pelosi? You got it, an illegal immigrant, too.

Illegal Immigration

Yes, we’re

fed up! Aren’t YOU?

Illegal Immigration

Guys, it’s not

just Republican mayors doing this!