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Glad to see that happen.

And what makes me even angrier is that even I didn’t know that it was all a big lie, and I am pretty up on things in the current culture. It’s time for people to stop lying.

$8.5 million. Wow.

And let’s get rid of the “actual malice” judge-made crap!

Justice Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Yes, a reckoning is

is coming.

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new, long-awaited guidelines around Covid-19. No longer does the agency recommend “staying at least 6 feet away from other people to reduce the risk of exposure,” which was apparently still best practice until yesterday. The agency also abandoned its recommendation that those who believe they’ve been exposed to the virus should self-isolate whether they are symptomatic or not.

Fighting Back Justice

You know,

it’s time to act. There’s really only one way to make these miserable despots stop their spittle-lipped vendettas against Conservatives.

The Biden administration has made clear they’ll prosecute their political opponents every chance they get. That means that despite Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s threat to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland accountable in the next Congress, he will only be empowered to hold Garland accountable under a Republican administration (unless he complies with Republican congressional oversight, which he won’t).

The only way to fight back is to make the kinds of people who’ve weaponized and undermined the American state suffer for their actions. They’ve arrested their enemies, revived obscure rules as pretexts for partisan attacks, and raided their opponents’ homes, and they won’t be sorry until they’ve felt the same pain.

And I sure won’t be sorry to SEE them in pain!

Immorality Justice

IF you love justice,

you hope it happens. Unfortunately, there are many who are more Democrat cheerleaders than moral justice-lovers. SUCH a shame!

Civil Rights Justice

Oh, but it’s

GOOD to be the nomenklatura!

All you hoi-polloi, don’t try this at home. There is a different set of rules for YOU, dontcha know…

When there is unequal justice, the society soon collapses. THIS is why the Founding Fathers rejected titles of nobility. You know, the idea that justice is blind.

First, Hillary was a HUGE blow to the idea of equal justice under the law. Now this…

Current Events Justice


think that once Republicans take the House that they won’t investigate the Biden crime family?

Even IF things has been pleasant and courteous on the part of Democrats, THIS would still have merited investigation! This is NOT revenge or tit-for-tat. This a legitimate investigation of a crime family. And it is a HUGE security concern.

Conservatives don’t seek revenge, we simply seek justice…


See, its a REAL


Yes, Comey lied under oath, as did several FBI representatives. It’s no longer even a question. Trump was an innocent man and they deliberately lied about him in order to get gain and fame and to score political points and to get some sort of twisted revenge. Paul Manafort and Carter Page were also dishonestly set up. And charged/punished. See, this was NOT a one-off. It was a pattern. It was how they worked!

Manafort and his wife were routed out of bed bed very early one morning by dozens of armed agents and Manafort hurriedly hurriedly (in a panic) shouted to the Gestapo-esque government Stormtrooper goons that she was deaf and might not be able to obey verbal orders. He didn’t want her getting shot (à lá Ruby Ridge)…

SO, if government did THIS frame-up job against a sitting President who was an innocent man, is there any validity to any of their charges or actions? I mean, they certainly didn’t roust Hillary Clinton from bed! IS there equal protection under the law? And just how do you know?

The FBI has been respected and obeyed because they were honest (NOT “perfect”) crime-fighters. But this respect doesn’t attach if they are merely Lefty minions!

So Lefties, do YOU agree with what Comey did? And if you do, do YOU consider yourself moral? Just how?

And if you don’t, why on earth would you associate yourself with them?


So early next week

all the SCOTUS rulings will become official. And in all likelihood RvW will be overturned. And it should be. From a legal reasoning perspective it is the worst SCOTUS decision since Dred Scott, and for exactly the same reasons.

But the truth is, RvW has been dead for a bit. States figured out a way around it. They cracked the code.

The “fix” was to have the state openly support abortion and codify into law that no elected official can prohibit it, but then make abortionists and ANYONE associated (such as office staff, banks, insurance companies, benefit providers [employers], etc.) civilly liable for any damages.

States “cracked the code,” and RvW was functionally dead. All the rest now is just symbolic. ANY state that wants to can already functionally outlaw abortion (see: Alabama). Indeed, if RvW is overturned (and it looks like it will be) that will be great, but NOTHING actually changes in terms of functionality.

Could the same be done to gun manufacturers? Sure, but really, it would’t work. It would immediately be appealed, end up at SCOTUS (if it even gets that far), overturned, and then there would be legal precedent.

Because unlike abortionists, who chop up babies and who are clearly the proximate cause of death, gun manufactures didn’t “pull the trigger.” It will be very hard to establish that they are the proximate cause.

You can’t argue that “But for the gun manufacturer” there would be no damages (no proximate causation). Most of us with guns never shoot anyone. In other words, the gun is not the proximate cause.

See, the culprit could have done the deed with a sword, or nunchucks, or a pipe wrench, or those cool Chinese throwing stars, or a bread knife, or fists, or a big stick, or…

Therefore, the tort action against gun manufacturers fails.

Dishonesty Justice Liars

You need to

understand that the MSM lies to you! Not mistakes, lies.

We need media accountability. I hope this helps us get it.


So what we ALL

knew would happen did indeed happen. Sussmann is, in the words of another famous Lefty, “Guilty as Hell–free as a bird.

It is a bitter pill for those of us who value Justice. But hardly unexpected, given who was on the jury and the corruption inherent with these guys.

“I mean, he (Sussmann) is facing a jury that has three Clinton donors, an AOC donor, and a woman whose daughter is on the same sports team with Sussmann’s daughter. With the exception of randomly selecting people out of the DNC headquarters, you could not come up with a worse jury.”

The issue I have is contempt for the justice system itself. Sussmann very clearly lied to the FBI. Even he doesn’t dispute that. The ONLY issue was whether the lie was pertinent to an FBI investigation. But the is NO disagreement from anyone about whether he lied or not.

And the trial picked up a rock with a lot of creepy-crawly things under it, including Hillary’s malfeasance! And it really stinks.

But if Sussmann and Hillary Clinton aren’t subject to the law, why am I? Is it really just all about who you know and who you are? Isn’t there equal protection under the law?

Or am I just hopelessly naïve?