Lefty Squalor

You’d have to have

a heart of stone not to laugh at this!

“Your audience has halved in recent years. People are not reading your stuff,” Washington Post publisher and CEO William Lewis told the crybully staffers who run around under the mistaken belief they are “journalists.”

Biden-Induced Human Misery Lefty Squalor

California dreamin’

and the sky is gray

Next time you hear someone say they don’t care about “just” politics, think of this. Only a HUGE ignoramus ignores politics. There is truly nothing more important to the well-being of people!

THIS is why you don’t ever vote for a Democrat! Because, welcome to Hell…

Bad Faith Lefty Squalor

Yep! But that’s

what Democrats desperately want you to believe! Me? I’m not buying it.

Lefty Squalor

Gonna walk around NYC?

Well, wear a helmet!

From the remove of my relatively safe suburban town, I’ve watched the demise of my once-beloved New York City with a combination of horror and bemusement. Its descent into third-world s**thole status was foreseeable, but it’s still sad.

Lefty Squalor

I guess “Threads”

is not the Lefty promised land, after all!

Remember when progressives decided to flee Twitter/X because it had become a hellish pit of despair once Elon Musk bought it and allowed conservatives to talk? Meta tried to capitalize on that exodus by introducing Threads, another copy of Twitter which promised to be a safe space for the left.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be working out as planned. Columnist Pamela Paul says that Threads has been driving her and others on the left crazy.

… I doubt the lefties on Threads will heed that advice. They’ll mostly stay on the site, triggering and woke-bullying one another until not a single one of them is sane. It turns out they brought the hellscape with them.

It’s the Lefty way. The Left always eats its own! It’s very far from a surprise.

Illegal Immigration Lefty Squalor Stooooopid!

Why on earth

would you even be surprised?

When interrogated on what he was in the United States for, this genius decided to say “I’m going to try to make a bomb,” and admitted to being part of Hezbollah for eleven years. He intended to go to New York (where he, apparently as a 22-year-old, would get 60 days in a shelter thanks to new modifications to NYC’s  “right-to-shelter” laws).

… Still, since Fiscal Year 2022, around 330 people who have crossed the border have been listed as Known or Suspected Terrorists (KSTs) according to Border Patrol statistics, and 59 of them came over since the start of Fiscal Year 2024 (which started in October).

Keep in mind, too, that those are just the ones who got caught. How many more were among the approximately 1.7 million gotaways who crossed since Joe Biden took office?

Captain Obvious Lefty Squalor

Well, this is

what you get when you chronically vote for Democrats!

Lefty Squalor

Oregon: “About

that drug policy–Never mind!”

Lefty Squalor

If you are a business

owner, you are getting the crap out of your Democrat-mangled state as soon as you can!

According to the Freedom Economy Index (FEI), only 13% of employers in California are happy with their location. Forty percent are either planning a move or considering it. Another 27% want to move but can’t make the business case. Yet. And the results in California are seen nationwide. While over 75% of red state business owners say they are happy in their current location, only about 30% of blue state employers say the same. 

… However, the impact of woke public schools came in third, beating crime and high fuel costs as a motivation to move. Over 50% of employers cited them as factors in business decision-making. In California, over 75% point to the public education system as a consideration. 

Leftists, you better wake the heck up! Here’s a clue I will give you for free: Vote differently!

DUH! Lefty Squalor

Oh, so now it’s

KFC. What next?

Without warning last week, a KFC franchisee “abruptly” shuttered three South Side locations. One outlet, located in Chatham, had been “undergoing renovations for months” when the franchise owner apparently just gave up and boarded up the windows instead. According to the same Fox 32 Chicago report, the Great KFC Vanishing came “less than one month after Cinema Chatham, a local movie theater, shut down.” That closure also came without warning.

The wages of voting Democrat!

A commenter on the Fox 32 story wrote, “What’s killing business on the south side of Chicago is no one feels safe anymore. I frequented both the 35th and 75th Street locations, and the food was great. But I’d never go after dark. There’s a whole different feel to those streets when the sun goes down.”

… It isn’t racism taking convenience, options, and jobs away from the parts of Chicago where they need them the most. It’s the voters, overwhelmingly in the places losing convenience, options, and jobs.

A word of advice to these people: VOTE DIFFERENTLY!