Yes, well they

have good reason to be nervous!


Guys, just

look at the odds!

“To make matters even worse for Biden, he is now third favourite to win the 2024 US Presidential election, behind both Trump (3/1) and Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis (4/1),” he said.

… “Right now Trump is the +300 favourite to win the next US election, with Biden out at +550,” Short said in an email in April. (For odds, +300 signifies the amount a better could win when wagering $100. So, if the bet’s successful, a player would receive a total payout of $400 ($300 net profit + $100 initial stake) on +300 odds.


I think we

need to understand what a HUGE deal this is.

85%? That is catastrophe territory!

President Joe Biden faces tough numbers, as nearly 85% of U.S. adults feel the country is headed in the wrong direction, according to a new poll.

These are loser numbers, BIG time.

Lefty Culture Losers


who would want to be one of the prudish nattering schoolmarms of the Left?

Yeah, not me…


Yeah, just

feel the excitement!


Are you


I’m not.


Oh, C’mom now!


Losers Politics

If things happen

as expected, there will be no end to the Democrat blamestorming!

It’s just beginning!


IF elections are

free and fair come November, Democrats are gonna get waxed!

Yes, Trump had some bad numbers too, BUT:

It’s worth remembering that Trump had basically the entire mainstream media, the Hollywood and entertainment complex and the deep state establishment working overtime to destroy his tenure. Biden has the slavering support of all three, and Americans still don’t like him.

“Biden” is headed for disaster.

Of course:

Complacency, however, is fatal. Conservatives need to work and organize and above all, vote, to make sure the midterm elections are the victories that are currently being forecast — and even more than that.

Elections Losers

Uhm, you think

Democrats are unaware?

Not a chance!

Don’t want to waste your time reading the drivel? well, here are the Democrat possibilities (as sucky as they are):

Who might Democrats run in 2024?

Kamala Harris
Pete Buttigieg
Joe Biden–assuming he is even alive (settling for a senile turd because there really IS nothing better)

Oh yeah, the Washington Post is doing this story already, which should tell you something…

But is there a less sucky alternative? NONE that I have even heard of. Maybe some “white knight” will come from nowhere, getting out of the clown car and coming to the rescue. Yeah, but don’t bank on it…

And also, do you really think that Kamala will just gladly step aside for a better candidate? Oh no. Fans of Extreme Gladiator Combat will be pleased…