Dishonesty Losers Media Flying Monkeys

It’s true!



It ain’t the pandemic.

…the decrease is so large that educators can’t account for the missing children.

Oh, I sure can! And they could, too, if they were not willfully ignorant.

Fighting Back Losers

First of all,

the people tho did this are TOTAL, uhm, jerks (not the word that came to mind–which rhymes with “lash-poles”), but this is a family blog…

Be ungovernable!

Immorality Losers

I guess that it

finally plays to the MSM to report on this stuff:

Evil Clown Losers


has screwed up, big-time!

Losers Polls

Pretty bad numbers…

The hard “floor” for Biden is probably at close to 40%. These are the Democrat “dead-enders” who will vote for a rotting roadkill possum carcass as long as there is a “D” after its name. So we’re getting pretty dang close to dead-ender-ville for him. And remember, this is with the MSM cheerleading for him! So the “dead-ender” line for Democrats is much higher for Democrats than it is for Republicans. My wild guess it that it at about 25-30% for Republicans.

But Biden is very clearly well into territory where even self-described (but non-shill) Democrats disapprove!