Evil Clown MSM Toadies

The NYT is

so predictable.

They cut the flag out and called it “a shooting” rather than an assassination attempt. NYT, you are SUCH a doof! One would have to a HUGE fool to buy what they are selling.

Almost as bad as CNN saying Trump “fell.”

But, according to CNN’s headline of the incident, what we all saw happen in that now-infamous video wasn’t the story.

No, instead, according to CNN, Trump simply fell off the stage. Here was the outlet’s headline — “Secret Service rushes Trump off stage after he falls at rally.”

What evil liars! Holy crap!

CNN and the NYT: The mendacity twins…

Dishonesty MSM Toadies

Oh yeah, THAT’s

gonna leave a mark! And the accusation was made repeatedly…

Maddow, along with MSNBC colleagues Nicolle Wallace and Chris Hayes, are in hot water after a federal judge ruled they made “verifiably false” statements about a Georgia doctor, Dr. Mahendra Amin, whom they called the “Uterus Collector.”

The lawsuit revolves around the anchor’s accusations about Dr. Amin’s alleged involvement in performing unnecessary hysterectomies on women detained at an immigration facility at the time Donald Trump was president.

… “Multiple statements are verifiably false. The undisputed evidence has established that: (1) there were no mass hysterectomies or high numbers of hysterectomies at the facility,” the court document stated.

They are asking for $30 million…

Foolishness MSM Toadies

Yeah, we

on the Right knew that Joe Biden was riddled with dementia. So how did YOU not know, Lefties? Maybe this should teach you a lesson about believing the dishonest MSM.

But it won’t. Lefties will continue to go bleatingly along with whatever the Lefty MSM shills tell them to believe…

Bad Faith MSM Toadies

How you know

the MSM is starting to turn against Joe Biden…

Oh don’t get me wrong–there is no change of heart, no conversion, here. There has been no real change whatsoever. Only a George Kelly “Slot Movement” and a ‘rat jumping off a sinking ship!

Captain Obvious Epic fail MSM Toadies

Look, it’s out

in the open, now. Once Lefties would deny it and attack anyone who even suggested that Biden was senile. No more. Now they are just silent as the tomb about it.

No admission that they were wrong. No self-examination. No introspection. Just silence. Just pretending that their past doesn’t exist. Wow.

Carl Bernstein just let the cat out of the bag about the media conspiracy to hide Joe Biden’s long-running cognitive collapse from voters. 

The former fabled Watergate ­reporter-turned-Trump-derange-ment merchant told CNN this week that he knew of 15 or 20 occasions in the past 18 months when Joe Biden’s brain has malfunctioned as it did during last week’s debate. 

It is just stunning! Just why didn’t he tell us if he knew 18 months ago? Why are the rats scurrying off the ship NOW?

Now that it’s impossible to justify the cover-up, the phony soul-searching has begun. “Shame on the White House press corps for not [having] pierced the veil of secrecy surrounding the president,” former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson told Semafor.

I think that now it is just getting too obvious to deny. But remember, they deliberately didn’t tell us before, and they attacked anyone who dared tell the truth. And now we are seeing some really phony deathbed repentance…

Current Events Media Flying Monkeys MSM Toadies

You KNOW it’s

bad when the MSN toadies have to start telling the truth a little!

The most liberal-friendly media — MSNBC — is now openly revealing the unspoken truth: Biden’s campaign is in trouble after the massive fundraising numbers by the Trump campaign in the month of May. 

Buffoons Evil Clown MSM Toadies

Let’s be honest:

This was a total screwup. And honestly, the only decent comparison is to the hapless Jimmy Carter.

President Biden’s pier disaster is not unlike President Jimmy Carter’s “Operation Eagle Claw,” the botched attempt to rescue the Iranian hostages in the final months of his presidency. I would say let’s hope this latest military bungle is Biden’s final Jimmy Carter moment, but that’s unfair to the president from Plains, Georgia. President Carter deservedly had higher approval ratings than Biden at this point in his presidency.

Ordering the U.S. military to build a temporary seaside pier in the middle of a war ranks among the worst of this president’s many failed ideas. Like Biden announcing that the U.S. would withdraw from Afghanistan on April 14, 2021, the pier sprang more from political calculations than military strategy or sound naval architecture. [emphasis added]

Of course, the MSM suck-up toadies have been careful to not criticize Biden (or engage in more-than-nominal reporting).