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As Joe Biden keeps

reminding us, every normal distribution has a Left tail!

Political philosophy

You’ve come a

long way, Lefties!

Political philosophy

Donald Trump

speaking at Libertarian convention. Democrats crapping their pants…

Former President Donald Trump will be making a historic move by speaking at the Libertarian party’s national convention, Libertarian party chair Angela McArdle said during an interview on Breitbart News Saturday, explaining the importance of being able to use the opportunity to advance the message of liberty.

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Uhm, yeah.

People are voting with their feet.

Having lived in Boston, I can tell you that the identity/cultural “pull” of being a Bostonian and from MA is VERY strong. But now the economics crap has become SO bad that people are leaving. And in doing so they may be more open to other ideas. I hope so.

But they have stupidly and overwhelmingly voted Lefty for a century. So until they clue in as to what the problem actually is, they will continue to be battered.

Reality is a harsh mistress… Wicked harsh!

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California in

one graph:

LESSON: Lefty governance is SO crappy, SO bad for human existence that it can turn a virtual paradise into a smoldering crap-heap of despair that makes people and businesses frantic to flee.

THIS is the bitter fruit of Leftism. Leftism is a death cult.

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Understand VERY

well: Democrat is the party of violence. It is beyond argument—obvious to even the dullest among us.

On Thursday evening, a malevolent crowd at a public forum at Rutgers threatened Jewish students and drove the university’s president from the room.

The Democratic Party’s tolerance of violence, as we saw on the day when Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017–the Democrats’ riot did at least 10,000 times as much damage as the January 6 protest–in the George Floyd riots, and in Antifa terrorism, all of which were largely coddled by Democratic Party officials, has metastasized across the country. And now it is manifesting itself in a grotesque and unAmerican anti-Semitism.

I know that me saying this makes some of my Lefty friends mad. But they have NO argument against it–and most won’t even try. Because it is very obviously true.

Political philosophy

It’s a very

apt description–punitive Liberals.

In fact, punitiveness is the defining characteristic of Leftism. It is their calling card.

ANYONE who has interacted even slightly with the Left is gobsmacked at how punitive Leftists are. Just yesterday, I had a book review rejected by Amazon because there was an oblique reference to the ridiculousness one of their Lefty sacred cows.

And here’s the kicker: It wasn’t anything that would have caused even a vague concern, let alone a second look 10 years ago! But Amazon has now let its Lefty freak flag fly and looked askance at even a sideways criticism of what is NOW a Lefty Article of Faith, one that is held with religious intensity.

The answer to these questions is that while Americans in general were not down on their country, Jimmy Carter, along with the leaders of the Democratic party and its main constituent groups, certainly was. President Carter could not overcome the “malaise” of the 1970s because he and his fellow Democrats had played a large role in fostering it.

From the time of John Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 to Jimmy Carter’s election in 1976, the Democratic party was gradually taken over by a bizarre doctrine that might be called Punitive Liberalism. 

And we are seeing that times 1,000 now!

In many ways, Jimmy Carter, and his leading appointees, were the perfect exemplars of Punitive Liberalism. Given their sour outlook, it is no wonder that their leadership generated a sense of “malaise” among the American people.

Even now, name ONE national Democrat known for a cheery and optimistic outlook. Go ahead, I’ll just wait…

Today’s Leftism has fully returned to its fundamental, punitive and coercive, violent roots. The violence inherent in Leftism was quite hidden 50 years ago. These days the ubiquitous coercion and violent denial of moral agency is very much on the surface of Leftism. For them, coercion is not a bug, but a feature…

Leftism is all about distorting, making people fit into the Procrustean bed of their Lefty doctrines. OTOH, Conservative values freedom and persuasion. The ONLY issue for conservatives is that your right to swing you fist ends where my nose begins…

Political philosophy

Just one question:

Why not us?

Crime Political philosophy

Well, at some point

the facts demand that you change. Leftists just don’t want to even acknowledge the bad effects of their policies.

To quote MacBeth: “Out, damned spot!. … Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?”

Like Lady MacBeth, Democrats are now wandering dazedly around the terrible hellscape they created by their actions, muttering. They happily did what Leftism demanded, but they are now amazed that, “the old man [would] have had so much blood in him.

Why, then, is Soares one of the few pragmatic voices from this side of the political spectrum willing to speak out? For most black leaders, publicly discussing crime statistics, community norms, and the need to rein in recent reforms is still politically destructive. Indeed, among the influential elite, as well as the ideologically committed on the left, there remains a great reluctance to admit what everyday citizens know: that policing, prosecution, and incarceration are integral to public safety.

…Meantime, overwhelming evidence suggests that law enforcement reduces crime. A 2022 study found that each additional police officer abates about 0.1 homicides, and the effect is twice as strong for blacks as for whites.

LESSON: Don’t look to Democrats to keep you safe! They will sell you out in a heartbeat for the shiny bauble of self-aggrandizement laced with political correctness…

Political philosophy

So when will

Leftists apologize?

That would be, uh, never.

In four years, we went from Democrats essentially saying we had to tolerate the lawless devastation of dozens of American city centers to fully endorsing armed 20-year-olds rifling through your bag before you use public transportation to deal with the ordinary criminality they allowed to fester.

… The murder rate during Covid lockdowns went down in nearly all of the Western world, but it spiked in America because Democrats actively supported political violence they perceived would help them win an election.

We need to understand the seismic shift going on. It would be foolish and counter-productive for Democrats to take comfort in the avoidant and self-serving idea that this is all about Trump the man, that this is just some kind of cult of personality.  

It isn’t. Not in the slightest. In fact, many people are going to vote for Trump in spite of his character flaws. But we have seen a side-by-side comparison between conservative policies and Lefty ones. And the Lefty ones just look bad. The data are in, for anyone with eyes to see.

Democrats are simultaneously hitting the panic button and desperately casting about for explanations as to why Trump is winning, but the answer is at once simple and overwhelming: They haven’t reckoned with the fact that the electorate, including a lot of traditionally Democrat constituencies, are starting to notice that in recent years the default right-of-center position on just about every major political issue has proven correct, where the left-wing ruling class has been quite definitively wrong.

It is very threatening to Democrats that this is NOT a cult-of-personality thing–THAT could just be waited out or otherwise dealt with. But no, this is the voice of the people condemning Leftism itself.

And so “Trump” is a threat on an existential level. The intensity of Lefty Trump hatred is fueled by fear–fear of annihilation and becoming… nothing.