Political philosophy Religion

Well, the Left

has never been all that beholden to data. IF it supports their cherished beliefs, they can’t swallow enough of that swill. BUT, if the data don’t support the pre-judged beliefs…

Guys, this is a religion. That’s why, all cult-like religions, this is impervious to facts and data.

And of course this is satire. But like all good satire, it is rooted in truth…

“Nah, I’m not buying it,” said California Congressman Eric Swalwell. “If you’re wanting me to believe President Biden and his family have been involved in a far-reaching money-for-favors scheme for years, you’ll need to show me a lot more than rock-solid, irrefutable evidence. If the Biden family was corrupt, I think I would have heard about it from my Chinese spy girlfriend.”

Political philosophy

What could be

more unlikely?

Well, yeah…

Human Misery Political philosophy

Yeah, that’s what

happens when you embrace Leftism. It truly IS the political philosophy of human misery! And let’s face the facts and not make up self-aggrandizing fairy tales about this.

Residents who fled Multnomah County, Oregon, in 2020 took over $1 billion in income as they searched for a better life in other areas.

Leftism don’t work! How much more clear can things be? DUH!

And let’s just say that once people are forced to dink out of the bitter cup of Leftism, they tend to not be eager to again stain there lips.

Political philosophy

Yes, Leftism

is circling the drain. Oh absolutely, they are still quite dangerous and you would be a fool not to realize it.

But we ALL know how this will end. In the words of the poet, “The wrong shall fail/the right prevail/with peace on earth, goodwill toward men.”

Have faith. And also have courage. You need them both.

Political philosophy

Lefties need

to pay attention. The Left has gone too far on LBGT stuff.

I gotta be honest: I don’t like the government involved in marriage at all. I suggest that EVERY person pay a tax on income (ideally a flat tax). And then who freakin’ CARES who you live with?

I think marriage is a purely religious issue: You don’t need the government’s permission to marry! If you want an ecclesiastical blessing on the union, go talk to the clergy member of your choice.

If you want your neighbor Bob to perform the marriage, then go talk to Bob. Have your Aunt Tillie perform the ceremony–see if she is willing. Have someone wearing a big salad bowl on their head. Weird, but if they will do it, then OK. I just don’t care!

But the government has nothing to do with it. Nor should it!

Now do you want a marriage in the downtown Baptist church? Well, then talk to the person who legally directs that church and controls access. Maybe it’s OK with that person, and maybe it’s not, but either way it just isn’t a government issue.

“Marry” your goldfish if you want. Or your hamster. Again, weird, but OK (though a human must consent and be a legal adult).

I really don’t care who you “marry.” But your tax bill doesn’t change. Whether you are “married” or not doesn’t make a lick of difference. You owe X% of your income in Federal taxes. Case closed.

Political philosophy Sociopathy

I think the REAL

issues is that it is purely an exercise in raw power. Please, let’s understand what is happening here: Female athletes are being forced to get naked in front of a fully intact male who also gets naked.

Isn’t that a sex crime?

Uhm, how is it not?

Malignant Leftism Political philosophy

It’s not at all

surprising to me that Leftism is so linked to anxiety and depression. As a psychologist, that makes total sense to me. Not even a surprise.

In 2021, Scott McGreal, writing in Psychology Today, reported that an American study demonstrated  a link between high levels of neuroticism and liberal politics. Additional findings from a British study later that same year indicated a similar link between left-wing political views on economics and the environment (among other issues) and the occurrence of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and phobias.

See, Leftism needs a constant state of impending doom in order to function. You know, “We have five years to save the planet or we are doomed!” Also, “Everyone around you that believes differently than you is racist and dangerous! So you better vote Democrat or it will be a catastrophe!” And, “There’s something we have to do right now (maybe eat bugs?) or the world will collapse in a fireball!”

Just think about living day after day in that state. So you would be very worried about many things. After a while, your ability to stay on such a fevered psychological pitch just gets exhausted, and you collapse into indifference, helplessness, and depression.

So you get to be anxious, depressed, or both. Welcome to the Lefty Pleasure Dome! Leftism IS the philosophy of human misery.

Political philosophy

YOU didn’t

leave the Democrat party, it left YOU!

Democrats usually try to cover their butts by saying that both parties have become more extreme. But that is simply not true, and I have Democrat friends who have gotten WAY more extreme over the years! Way.

In one of the biggest surprises revealed since the ratings began, there are twice as many Democrats with perfect zero conservative ratings in the House and Senate today than in 1971. And there are significantly fewer Republicans with 100% ratings in the House and Senate today than 51 years ago.

This is not, not, NOT your father’s Democrat Party!

Political philosophy

What is Conservatism?

Just what is it conserving?

Well, at heart Conservatism is historical empiricism. In other words, we conservatives look to what worked in the past and apply those solutions to current problems. We conserve what has been historically shown to work. So history is a very important guide.

Leftism, OTOH, assumes that all that happened in the past was sullied by some kind of “-ism” (such as racism or sexism) and is to be eradicated and avoided. It is simply useless as a guide to our problems. It is the cult of “new.”

ALL is mere preference and a drive for power (post-Modernism)–there IS no Truth (*except that one), only a Nietzschean will to power. We are much smarter and therefore must start anew, jettison the old, and become “new men.” And WE will assure “Heaven on earth” for everyone! “And surely we will do it, therefore…”

As with almost all things Leftist, this was clearly seen by JRR Tolkien”

“Instead of a Dark Lord, you would have a queen, not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Tempestuous as the sea, and stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and despair!” 

Yeah, he understood Leftism…

Leftism is also fundamentally narcissistic, assuming that we know better and are way smarter than those “-ist” clods of the past. We can’t learn from them because WE just know far better.

Political philosophy Polls

REAL independents

are turning against Joe Biden.

Former President Donald Trump holds an 18-point lead over President Joe Biden among independent Americans, the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll revealed.

I agree that faux Independents (Democrat hacks that pretend to be independent) still, of course, will hold their noses and vote for Joe Biden. They will even pretend that he is not horribly dirty. But let’s not be fooled–that is mere hackism dressed in “moderate” garb.