Political tactics

Yes, well be

kind to everyone!

If you get out of your Lefty bubble, you will see that Conservatives are wiping the floor with them.

But be careful: THAT’s when they bare their needle-sharp teeth!

Political tactics

Yeah, it’s

pretty scary.

But even scarier still are the people that you are pretty sure know that the MSM is lying, but who nevertheless deliberately and knowingly carry the MSM water.

Now THAT is scary on a whole ‘nother level! Now we have to wrestle with the idea that certain people are not merely ignorant, but that they are malicious! And that is disturbing.

But THAT is the goal of modern Leftism: Don’t argue the facts. Don’t argue at all! Just ignore/refuse to engage/demean/ostracize/kill the infidels…

Just never leave the Lefty “Circle of Safety” and hear opposing views or argue your own. Just hurl epithets from the nosebleed section of the bleachers and ensconce yourself in the warm moist embrace of the fetid Lefty fever swamp…

Illegal Immigration Political tactics

DON’T be fooled!

They are just feeling the heat and so now they are seeing the light

But it is just a political tactic. They just hope that they can fool you in November. They are as reliable as… Joe Manchin.

Democrats see an opening to score goodwill with voters on a policy that’s top of mind in polls, but that has been a political nightmare for the party due to a surge of illegal southern border crossings under President Joe Biden.

… “The reality is that they’re exposed. They don’t want to fix the border. They [just] don’t want to have to vote on this again,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), the lead Democratic negotiator on border issues, told the Washington Examiner.

… “They haven’t engaged with any Republicans,” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who’s often involved in bipartisan talks, told the Washington Examiner. “It looks like another messaging effort, political effort.”