Sorry, Trump is

shooting himself in the foot, here. And it is dismaying. He should know better.

As I suggested already, conservatives just aren’t buying what Trump is selling here.

Look, Trump was a very good President and rightly won re-election. Fraudulent Joe and his evil minions simply stole the election. Yes, we agree on that. In fact, it is quite clear. NO argument at all.

But Trump is uncharacteristically making a HUGE mistake, here. It is a stunning lack of political judgment–that is NOT typical of Trump. And a lot of us who where big Trump fans in the recent past are now reconsidering a bit…

Trump, DON’T BE STUPID! Just stop it!

NPCs Sad


OK with that! But will he keep his word? Or is this just another, “I’ll move to Canada” pile of crap?


Look, if you

voted for “Biden,” this is what you voted for.

I’m not so much angry that you made a crappy choice and are now paying for it. I’m OK with that. Hey, you touch a hot stove and you get burned…

I am mad that you made a crappy decision and now I am paying for it, also! You owe me gas and grocery money!