He won

the challenge.


Ah! The

wisdom and (half) wit of Kamala

Basic Economics Stooooopid!

Honestly, I want

to scream to the Biden administration, saying:

What, are you STUPID?

Basic Economics Stooooopid!

Sorry, Biden is

an economic incompetent. THIS is why you pretty much never vote for someone who hasn’t lived off their own business if you can possibly avoid it! Are there exceptions? Yeah, sure. But not many!

Honestly though, I think Biden is just stupider than crap…

Culture Stooooopid!

You know the

old saying: Get Woke Go Broke. There are some American icons that are learning the truth of this. the hard way…

Incompetence Stooooopid!

What a doof!

Is he really that ignorant? Really?

What is a bit of a surprise — Austin’s apparent ignorance of federal law — is laughable.

… That’s not a political policy. It’s because of the Hyde Amendment, which Lloyd Austin has apparently never heard of.

ANYONE this ignorant of reality has no business in positions of leadership!



Pretty much. I’m not fooled. Are you?

Sheep are always happy about free stuff to eat. But that’s because they don’t know how it all ends…

Don’t be a sheep.


I guess he

gets credit for inadvertently telling the truth!


Energy Stooooopid!

The wages of

Lefty enviro-weenies’ stupidity.

Depend on Russian natural gas, close your nuclear power plants, and then let your population freeze to death if you don’t bow to Russian demands or if you torque them off.

How stupid!

The three nuclear plants that were shut down last December could have been used to generate a lot of electricity which could in turn be used to heat a lot of homes this winter.

Current Events Stooooopid!

New Democrat

talking point! Republicans and Jan. 6 participants are the cause of inflation!


Never mind that these points are stupidly incoherent. ONLY a rigidly partisan Democrat fool would even believe them, and then only if they also had room-temperature IQ and/or real ignorance.

But trust me, some Democrats will go bleatingly along with this pile of horse crap. More’s the pity…

What, did they get this from some lame and partisan focus group? Holy crap! Who thought this was a good idea?