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crazy paranoid…

You KNOW this moron voted for Joe “Senility” Biden!

Civil Rights Stooopid!

Well, YEAH!

You’d have to be pretty dang stupid (or rigid) to think otherwise!

A study from the non-partisan National Bureau of Economic Research may show that the idea that bad guys don’t want to face armed citizens isn’t just a wild guess.

…“We find that burglaries increased in zip codes with fewer gun permits, and decreased in those with more gun permits, after the database was publicized,” the abstract reads.

… Still, the interesting point is that knowing that people in a given area had guns reduced burglaries in those neighborhoods.

Now, the anti-gun nutters can argue that sure, increased gun ownership led to reduced burglaries, but it led to MORE accidental deaths.

OK, fine. Show me the evidence that that is true. I’ll just wait…

Well, we’re waiting!

Apologies to donkeys

everywhere, but honestly how much of a dumb ass to you have to be to go down this road?

Yeah, THERE’S a political winner: Make those who didn’t go to college, those who scrimped in order to go to college, and those who have already paid off their loans pay for a bunch of sniveling brats to have a 4-year beer party! Yeah, GREAT idea…

The issues is that Biden is doing SO badly in the pols (Flounder-ing?) that he is desperate for something that might save his sorry and demented butt!


Yes, well it’s

a really stupid idea.

Matt is also correct about the awful political optics of this. The loan forgiveness under discussion would go almost entirely to college graduates. That is going to leave a lot of working-class Americans even more convinced that the system is rigged in favor of the elite. And while it should go without saying, Warren’s proposal does nothing for all of the people with mortgages, car loans, or business loans. They will all rightly be saying ‘what about me? When do my loans get forgiven?‘ That’s not going to create an army of happy voters. [emphasis added]

… And in the end, you will wind up filching the money from the people who managed to pay off their own loans and earn a living to cover the costs of those who didn’t. That doesn’t really make for a very good thirty-second campaign advertisement, does it?

Well, and you steal it from hard-working blue-collar people who never took on the debt in the first place! Is it any wonder that there is a massive loss of blue-collar voters fleeing the Democrat party?

No. No, there isn’t.

Current Events Stooopid!


is doomed.


Well, unexpected if you’re stupid…

Current Events Stooopid!

It’s all just

such a coincidence, right?

Those stinkin’ cameras!

If you don’t get it, see here.

Buffoons Stooopid!



“Funny” how Biden just re-imposed stupid and worthless mask mandates on airlines, while at the same not giving a rat’s patoot that a horde of unvaccinated COVID spreaders are streaming unchecked across the border because he further loosened things due to Title 42 expulsions being ended… by him! <shakes head>

The least he could do is be consistent!

SO, is COVID a problem or not?