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This is NOT a Photoshop. This is an actual chyron that actually ran recently.

My understanding is that it was up for 27 seconds and FoxNews fired the producer who put it up.

Hero. That person is a hero. YOU need to stand up for the right!

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Why would you

risk (or give) your life for anything if nothing is transcendent–if ALL there is is this life alone? If there IS no transcendence or “God” or anything beyond what you feel and want right now; In that case, there is no rational reason at all!

If ALL is material, then there is no good reason, from a personal stance, to do ANYTHING that is not manifestly prelude to a very certain payoff for YOU.

There IS no honor, valor, or morality without a belief in SOMEthing more than one’s current experience. Some sort of transcendence. SOME kind of “Truth-Teller.”

For the materialist, all morality is just socially convenient myth at best. There is no transcendence at all. A person conquers according to his or her strength and prospers according to his or her wit and whatever he (or she) does is certainly no moral crime. Just “Imagine!’

But the hard truth is that there IS no morality without God. And there is no virtue in bravery or sacrifice without God–without God, those are concepts meant ONLY to fool people into making things better for others. You know, The Winners.

So it is more than a bit ironic to hear those who proclaim themselves atheists put forth moral principles–principles that require God to make even a lick of sense!

Look, if you are an atheist, there ARE no moral truths! There is ONLY Nihilism. And Post-Modernism is explicitly Nihilistic. But then again, ALL atheistic belief belief systems are, at their core, Nihilistic. And it is logically necessary for it to be so.


I think MOST

of us have thought that!


She is

a gem!


We need to

tell the truth!

If we don’t accurately diagnose the problem, the chances of solving it are VERY slim. And Stephen A. Smith is telling us the truth.

Lamenting the high number of shootings in Chicago over the long Memorial Day Weekend, Smith had a question for the black community: “When are we going to look at ourselves when it comes to black people being killed in the streets of America?”

… When will the black community see that it is killing itself on our nation’s streets and take responsibility for it in order to stop it? That’s an excellent question, and as a black man in the media, Smith is extremely brave to ask it. “Let me tell you something,” Smith concluded. “Nothing else matters if we’re dead. Nothing else matters if we’re killing each other.”


“Biden” doesn’t

actually want a debt deal. He wouldn’t refuse to negotiate, otherwise.

The age-old adage every first-year psychologist student learns: People lie and avoid, so don’t just assume that what they say is the clinical truth. No, pay attention to what they do.

And “Biden’s” actions make it abundantly clear that he actually doesn’t want to negotiate. He doesn’t want a piece of the pie; He wants the whole pie!


The truth is,

if you are are smart you take into consideration that the “official” explanations very often turn out to be wrong, while the “conspiracy” theories are right uncomfortably often.

Civil Rights Truth

Just remember

the facts!

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That’s a

kick in the pants!

Sinema says that Democrats are old dudes eating Jell-O.

Yeah, pretty much…

Current Events Truth

Noem takes Biden

to the woodshed.

First the author of the article:

Biden, who was storing classified intelligence practically up his druggie son’s nose (which was a very busy place to be), has more ties to China than my local Hunan Palace Buffet. And as Noem points out, he has “proven that he won’t protect America” or any of our interests, “over and over again.”

Then Noem alone:

Biden “thinks if he can just change the narrative, maybe come out with some other political scandal against the other party or a former president, that the American people will just move on and forget about the fact that he is giving away our country, and he is giving it away to the enemy,” she said.