Ahh, to be a

Russian soldier!

War is not a nice thing…

Bad Faith War

You think that

Ukraine is winning?

You fool. You MSM victim.

Glimmers of hope. But they will soon be crushed out.


Kind of makes

you wonder, eh?

In his Monday speech, Wallace said Russian vehicles “are frequently found with 1980s paper maps of Ukraine in them” and that soldiers were using “pine logs as makeshift protection on logistical trucks” and attaching “overhead ‘cope cages’ to their tanks.”

I think probably the biggest casualty in this war is Russia’s military reputation. They seem to be a paper tiger with nukes. The nukes probably work. At least much of the time. Probably.

“The saying always was that Russia has a large, modern army. We discovered that the modern part isn’t very large and the large part isn’t very modern. And the large part is increasingly getting smaller,” Crump said.

Look, I don’t doubt for a second that the Russians can militarily take parts of Ukraine. But not Kyiv…


It’s kinda

weird, eh?

But something is going on!

Current Events War

Where we are now.

So the Ukrainians have booted the Russian invaders completely out of the Kyiv area. Wow! So much for the vaunted Russian ground forces! Yes, Russia is a nuclear power. But it very much appears that they are not much else.