Current Events Wisdom


coming up roses for Trump!

Now we can’t count out voter fraud and other Democrat ploys. In fact, a few Democrats are saying that Republicans will let their guard down or not even vote at all!

Yeah, don’t get complacent!

Culture Wisdom


Most people consider themselves to be Republicans, now.


Yeah,I haven’t

had any vaccine side effects, either…

A Butt-Kicking Wisdom

Yeah, MOST of

us miss him.

“I want to leave Afghanistan,” Trump is supposed to have said at a high-level meeting with the Taliban. “But it’s going to be a conditions-based withdrawal.” Hunt recalled Trump saying, “If you harm a hair on a single American, I’m going to kill you.”

After the translator did his bit — and Hunt indicated that the translator was shocked by Trump’s statement and hesitated before passing it along — Trump pulled a picture of the Taliban leader’s home out of his pocket, handed it to him, and then left.

THAT, my friends, is a BOSS move!


I’m already

voting for Trump—you don’t need to convince me!


The air is

coming out of the EV balloon.

Me, I think EVs are a great idea in certain, rather limited settings. What are those?

  1. Gas prices are prohibitively high
  2. It is a warm climate, since batteries are total crap when it’s cold
  3. The distances driven are relatively short–the car is used mainly for town and not used for trips
  4. I can charge the car overnight, pretty much every night
  5. I’m not towing
  6. I can afford a $25,000 battery when a fender-bender MIGHT have deranged the battery or when it just wears out in a couple years

In such settings, they work great!

BUT, they are still very heavy and destroy roads because of their (battery) weight. Even so, they are incredibly “torquey” and quick. Fun machines!

What they do, they do very well. But versatile and forgiving of even slight error they are not. And then there are the serious ethical questions about the child slavery involved in getting the raw materials for the batteries…

Hybrids may make a lot more practical sense, though there are still the ethical concerns.

Economics Wisdom

Can we get back

to some decent economic thinking? That would be great…

Enough of this stupid Democrat/Keynesian nonsense!

I mean, let’s be a little empirical, shall we? I’m sick of the kooky Democrat adherence to nonsense economic theories!


I really wish

I had learned this 40 years go! My life would be better if I had. But no, I bleatingly went along with what we were told. That was a HUGE mistake!

Bad Faith Wisdom

You can mock anyone

who disagrees with the Lefty narrative, BUT…

Personality Issues Wisdom


who knew?

Oh yeah. I did. I knew.

But you didn’t, eh? Maybe a little humility on your part is called for. Not because of this. This only laid your problematic issue bare. But this IS a call for you to fundamentally change…