Trump, uhm,

don’t shoot yourself in the foot, here. Stop it!

Trump has been uncharacteristically unwise re: DeSantis. Trump in the past hasn’t made such an obvious and egregious faux pas.

A lengthy clip of Trump’s rally flagged by Mediaite showed the former president’s attacks not landing well with the crowd, who grew mostly silent. “Compared to how Trump’s crowd normally reacts to his bits, the reaction to his mocking DeSantis was practically dead air,” the report said.

Trump attacked DeSantis response to the pandemic, said that DeSantis was “not good” on crime, and mocked him with nicknames. Trump’s attacks come as an analysis from Fox News this week found that Trump attacks DeSantis four times more than he attacks President Joe Biden. [emphasis added]

What on earth is up, here? C’mon, Donald, you have better instincts and judgment than this! Is there no one around you who can tell you the truth? Why are you walking into this dead-end?

Trump is a performer. And a performer knows very well when a performance falls flat with an audience! So he HAS to know this a loser of a strategy. So why does he keep doing it?

Taxes Wisdom

SOME states

are getting a clue.

Current Events Wisdom

Smart money

is fleeing the woketard Democrats…

“I think everybody should ask this of themselves. I live here in Florida, we’re a pro-business state. I don’t do business in California, New York, Massachusetts or New Jersey,” O’Leary said Friday during a “Varney & Co.” appearance. “They’re no-go states because of bad policy, high taxes, just places you don’t want to invest your money… California is not even open for business, in my opinion, so I would never put money there.”


Just a word

to the wise (h/t: Powerline)

You say, “Conspiracy theorist,” and I say, “Wisdom.”

Oh, and I have been chronically right and Lefties have been almost universally wrong. Think about THAT, will ya?

Dishonesty Wisdom

I honestly

am amazed at the 180° turn from the Left on the idea that COVID came from a Chinese lab. Last year, for example, you were called a racist (or worse) if you suggested it. “Don’t say Wu-flu!

But now it is common knowledge. Even the government and the CDC now admits it.

And I have not heard a single admission on that. Not a single one. They were wrong, and they should admit it. AND, if they were wrong about this, what else might they be wrong about?

BUT, they can’t forever ignore the facts, and one naturally wonders about the motives behind their behavior. Just WHY were they so wrong? Maybe they are not all that reliable or knowledgeable after all. And maybe they don’t have our best interests at heart, anyway. Maybe they were just bleating Lefty sheep who were beholden to a particular ideology. And THAT is far too psychologically threatening to their puffed-up sense of self!

But see, when a person admits that they were wrong and says how they will change to make it less likely that they will be duped again, it gives some confidence. But when they just whistle past the graveyard, it gives one very real doubts about how trustworthy they actually are!

Now here’s a thought experiment: How will folks react next time the government tells us there is a pandemic? Isn’t there some old story about a boy who cries, “WOLF!”?

Vaccine Deaths and Injuries Wisdom


good! We really could use a little sanity, here! If I deliberately do something that I know will lead to death and/or disability for a significant proportion of people, I am legally liable for any damages.

I MUST get Informed Consent, or I am guilty of (at least) malpractice and arguably assault!

Two Republican Idaho lawmakers introduced a bill this week that would criminalize the administration of the mRNA COVID shots.

… Those who administer the mRNA shots would be charged with a misdemeanor under the law.

… The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technology involves injecting genetic material encased in lipid nanoparticles into a body to help it produce spike proteins that mimic the COVID virus, ostensibly to help the body fight off future infections. Unfortunately, the material doesn’t stay in the injection site, the lipid nanoparticles travel throughout the body, and in many cases attach themselves to major organs, including the heart and brain where the spike proteins can do irreparable damage. It is not currently known how long the spike proteins stay in the body—it appears to vary from person to person.

“In Florida alone, there was a 1,700% increase in VAERS reports after the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, compared to an increase of 400% in overall vaccine administration for the same time period,” the surgeon general said in a letter to the FDA.


Problems in


Wisdom of the ages: There is no such thing as a free lunch…


Just remember:

The guy who barges into the group and calls for illegal activity is the FBI mole. And just like the mole Ray Epps, he will never be charged. YOU will be, though!


Look, these

products suck! Just don’t put a bunch of nasty crap in your body…

Current Events Wisdom

It’s a really

good point

The author of this article believes things about the events that just aren’t true. The law in question has nothing to do with intent. That’s why it is Negligent Homicide and not murder.

Author, get educated!

Still, it is good advice to never talk to police without your attorney present.  Never. Never ever.