Current Events

I am skeptical that

Elon Musk will actually be able to get Twitter in a hostile takeover. Oh, I dearly hope so, and I would join Twitter that same day. I just suspect that it will not actually happen. May I be wrong!

But “Plan B” is also a pretty good option. If I were a billionaire (oh, how I wish!) I would be more than happy to join Elon in this.

This option (that they used to use for whaling ships) is that a bunch of people all get together and pool their resources and then divide any profits as well as share the risks to the ship based on the percentage that they risked. You buy only a proportion of that ship–so you spread the risk. I mean, one person couldn’t buy the whole ship PLUS bear all the risks by himself, so costs and benefits were spread out across several investors.

You join the deal, and then hope that your ship actually makes in back into home port. You think, “One day my ship will come in.”

So the “boss” of that ship, of course, has a legal duty to not take unnecessary risks and to maximize the returns and minimize the losses for those who bought in.

It was called an “Incorporation…”

BUT, I think the board of Twitter is in a bind: See, they have a legal fiduciary duty toward the stock-holders. And Musk has made an offer that is financially good for those stock-holders.

So if the Twitter board rejects the offer, they face legal liability potentially from each individual stock-holder for doing something that is not good for them. Then they would face lawsuit after lawsuit for deliberately failing in their fiduciary duty.

Plus, I would predict that the value of Twitter stack sinks like a stone if the board rejects the offer, even further opening themselves up to charges of breach of fiduciary duty. And stock-holders would rightly be, if not disgruntled, not exactly gruntled (thanks, P.G. Wodehouse!).

But if they accept, Twitter becomes a place for free speech, and the board just can’t tolerate that!

So the board is indeed between a rock and a hard place…

Current Events Fighting Back

People are really

getting tired of the crap.

Current Events

Yes, the

campaign against Di-Fi is really gaining ground!

But I think there’s actually no worry that Di-Fi could possibly be replaced by a Conservative, no matter what happens.

I just think there’s simply no reason to throw Di-Fi under the bus. I really don’t think there is even the slightest risk to Democrats of losing that seat.

Elections Polls

Uh, “Biden”

can’t be happy with that!

A new poll reveals only 21 percent of Americans 18-34 approve of President Joe Biden.


Buffoons Dementia

It’s not news

that Biden is riddled with dementia, and often totally befuddled.

“Brain-melt Biden” yet again crawls out of his hole in order to very publicly (metaphorically?) crap his pants and think he found some Play-doh!

It’s a national disgrace. Honestly, if you voted for Biden, how can you NOT be ashamed of yourself?

Buffoons Dishonesty

Huh, the Democrat

outlook for the mid-terms must be really bad!

BUT, I think it is far too little and far too late. And some lame, half-baked, empty gesture does nothing to change the facts. This leopard does not change its spots!

Look, they made their bed… Now screaming will get them nowhere.

Guys, don’t be fooled!

Cat food democrats!

Current Events Lefty Political Philosophy

But Leftists don’t

know how to DO that!

Despotism Evil Media Flying Monkeys

Just remember,

MSM evil clowns are dead-set against free speech. And NOW the masks are well and truly off. The monster has finally shown its face! YOU can no longer pretend that “There is good in both positions.”

There’s not. So now, which side are YOU on? Are you on “Team Evil” or “Team Good?” You KNOW you’ve gotta choose sides, don’t you?

Yes, the Left is “triggered.”

Journos are now brazenly calling for censorship. They’re panicking that Elon Musk will take over their favorite bird website and let anybody say whatever they want. Just imagine all the precious egos that will be shattered.

These political activists with press passes have always thought they’re better than you and hated you for disagreeing, but now they’re not even pretending to give a damn about free speech.

… I’m a Musk agnostic, but he sure is showing us who these arrogant buttholes really are. And all he has to do is exhibit a base understanding of free speech.

Me? I am for moral agency, for free speech. And we ALL have to eventually explicitly make that call.

Choose wisely…

Current Events

It wasn’t an insurrection,

it was a “sting” that devolved into frank entrapment. The FBI is NOT trustworthy. And it will take decades for them to get over the public relations nightmare that this is!

According to a new filing by a defense attorney in the Oath Keepers case, at least 20 federal agents were near the Capitol on January 6.

So what politician do the people go to to get their reputations back?

So now do ALL conspiracy theories about the government come true?

And just who would trust them now?

This comes on the heels of the FBI taking a black eye in Michigan earlier this month after a jury acquitted two men who were accused of plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The trials of two other defendants in the case resulted in hung juries. The FBI is widely believed to have concocted the whole plot and then recruited people to join them, pushing their BS narrative that “right-wing white supremacists” are the nation’s biggest threat.

I gotta tell you, this infuriates me!

Abortion Immorality

Yeah, they

know it’s immoral! And so do many Democrats who just go bleatingly along with it–even people you thought had better moral sense than that!

Tale as old as time…