Bad Faith

Yeah, well,

of course they did! I mean, you have to be pretty dang naïve to have bought that. I mean, you have seen this dozens of times, so why are you shocked now? DUH!

And … where will the power originate to charge all of those vehicles? Right now, vehicles produce their own power independent of the grid, and the grid is still overextended. If EVs proliferate as a result of these subsidies and we fail to produce the power necessary for them, a lot of those car owners will be stuck in their homes — or paying high prices for charging them, at the very least.

Banana Republic of Brandon Evil

Yes, yes

it is.

Are YOU awake yet?


Low levels of

vitamin D appear to be correlated with inflammation.

D3 supplements are cheap…

Now, world-first genetic research from the University of South Australia shows a direct link between low levels of vitamin D and high levels of inflammation, providing an important biomarker to identify people at higher risk of or severity of chronic illnesses with an inflammatory component.

Banana Republic of Brandon Despotism

It is

just scary!

Current Events


likely true. Though right now, I think it is a best-case scenario.

That wasn’t a flippant remark on my part. If there were any undecided voters floating around somewhere in America I can’t imagine that the fence is very comfortable right now. It’s also probably a safe bet that Drooling Joe’s Stasi move guarantees that apathy won’t be a problem for the Republicans.

… All they had to do was take the win, but that’s not how Team Overreach works. The White House insists that they knew nothing about the raid, which is the biggest lie from a Democratic administration since Bubba’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” line.

The worst case is that this is the start of the proverbial crap hitting the fan.

I sure hope not.

But the bottom line is that people are rightly aghast and outraged by this. YOU need to decide whether YOU are a patriot or not.

Current Events

And THAT is

almost for sure true.

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., called raising taxes during both a recession and inflation “a special kind of stupid.” 

Yeah, that’s pretty much true. And a TON of people just won’t vote for a stupid congressperson! Unfortunately, all too many will…

“Democrats’ policies have torn down the savings, the stability, and the lifestyles that families worked and sacrificed for years to build up,” McConnell said in a statement. “The effect of this one-party government has been an economic assault on the American middle class.”

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Probably just

another poll that is incorrect, right, Democrats?

Uhm, word to the wise: Democrats, don’t whistle passed this particular graveyard!

But of course you will. Right, Democrats?

And I’m totally OK with that…

The biggest political story of 2022, perhaps as big as the overturning of Roe v. Wade, is the sudden shift of the Hispanic vote away from Democrats toward the Republican Party. And yet another poll, this time the CBS/YouGov poll from last week, confirms the movement.

… Perhaps this isn’t just about Biden. Perhaps a Hispanic evolution toward the Republican Party was always inevitable. And more likely than not, it is Democrats’ twisted gender ideology and abortion fanaticism that is facilitating this transformation. But Biden, given his historic incompetence and unpopularity, is surely making it happen faster than it could have otherwise.

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heal thyself…


Yeah, I understand

the anger much better now…


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