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Is this a harbinger of the near future?

Local ABC data analyst Garret Archer tweeted later that day, “With the total number of GOP votes in, combined with what is left outstanding it is a near certainty at this point that Republicans will smash turnout records for a primary.”

Current Events

New study shows

link between heart inflammation and mRNA COVID vaccine.

Guys, I think it’s clear that I am totally OK with most traditional vaccines. But I’m telling you, this mRNA one is a relatively HUGE risk.

And I am OK with people choosing to take a risk. What I am not OK with is force and lack of informed consent!

Here’s the bottom line: If you get the mRNA vaccine you will probably be OK. Most likely.

BUT, there is a non-zero chance of getting mRNA vaccine-induced catastrophic heart problems. I mean, athletes are known to drop dead after vaccination! There is now a veritable tsunami of cardiomyopathy and myocarditis in young people. And we haven’t even talked about menstrual issues…

And these are new problems for that population, and problems that are NOT endemic to the COVID illness itself.

If you are an adult, YOU make the call. I’m all for free choice when that choice affects mainly YOU. But forcing it on the unwilling? Well, there we part company…


To categorize people

as “Evil” is most often fundamentally defensive.

Because if they disagree with ME I can just dismiss them as evil. I don’t need to listen to them, consider their assertions, or even really pay attention to what they say other than to find an opening for my next brilliant “zinger.” I don’t have to take what they say seriously because I know.

It really IS a kind of arrogant ignorance–anyone who disagrees with ME is (by definition) evil. There is a HUGE narcissistic component in play, here. It is not open to reason and rational argument–and in fact those things are avoided at all costs–it is epistemologically closed.

I already know and there cannot be any more knowing!”

I think there are very few people that we think are evil who actually consider themselves evil. And, like in the skit, people are pretty much most often characterologically incapable of asking the question, “Are WE the baddies?” Yeah, it’s funny because it is incongruent–it never happens.

Evil Clown

Just so

you know…

Evil Clown

Even Bernie?

Whoda thunk? When even Bernie is saying that your plan is a loser…

So just what did they have on Manchin? On Sinema?

You know your tax-and-spend legislation sucks when even Bernie Sanders is dumping on it.

“Biden” is indeed a hot mess. Unfortunately, we ALL get to share in this stupidity…

Captain Obvious Current Events Medicine

Well, it’s pretty

dang obvious now!

Man, I’m happy I’m still a pureblood! I really dodged a bullet, there…

Did I mention that my boss got severe heart problems after getting the vax? Hmmmmm…

Ten percent of Americans who received the COVID-19 vaccine regret having done so, according to a recent poll.

In addition, 15 percent of the 1,038 adults that took the survey said that they have been diagnosed with a new condition by a medical practitioner, weeks or months after taking the vaccine. [emphasis added]

I’m sure that SOME of those new conditions were NOT directly caused by the vaccine. But at least 15% may have been damaged. That’s a lot! Let’s say it is actually half that. “Just” 7.5%.

Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do you?”

“The mRNA vaccine technology is new and clinical trials naturally have no long-term data. CHD believes this survey points to the need for further study.”

Yup. I’ve been saying that all along. Novavax (IIRC) has a traditional, non-mRNA vaccine just coming out, and while I really don’t think I need it, I think that is virtually for sure a far better option, overall. And I’m not particularly opposed to it.

I just don’t think the mRNA vax is particularly effective and I don’t think it is particularly safe. I’m pretty much OK with the other, though I think that even the very small risk is not justified for most folks under about 70 who don’t have severe pre-existing conditions…

I didn’t take the mRNA vaccine when it first came out because the technology was new and I wanted to see how it would work “in the wild.” Besides, I’ve had the Delta variant and recovered, so I am immune. I can neither get nor transmit COVID.

Well, I think we have the answer to that question, now.

Current Events

See, I am a Republican

because I care abut the environment. Oh sure, most Democrats say they are for the environment, but they are either uninformed/stupid or outright liars.

See, I don’t want the massive and toxic waste that comes from solar and wind power. And I care about birds, and don’t want them gratuitously chopped or burned up. Nor do I want the environmental and human rights nightmare of the batteries these energies use.

Yeah, do you believe that “green” energy is without environmental costs? don’t be a dope. And don’t be a vampire, feeding off the lifeblood of others.

If passed, the bill would be a victory for advocates of “renewable” energy and the elimination of fossil fuels. However, as is always the case with energy economics, the investment in renewables would come with an environmental cost: an enormous expansion of mining projects to extract the raw materials for solar panels, wind turbines, and electric batteries out of the earth[emphasis added]

Modern nuclear does indeed have toxic waste (as ALL energy does), but comparatively little. The question is NOT whether energy generation will have toxic waste, but how much of it per unit of energy. And modern nuclear wins this battle by miles.

So maybe YOU are also an environmentalist. If so, you eschew wind and solar, and are a BIG proponent of modern nuclear!

And if you pretend you are an environmentalist but back wind and solar? You are either a hustler or a rube.

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

So, how long

do you think it will be before some Lefty kook plants explosives on Mt. Rushmore?

Don’t insult my intelligence by saying that Lefties are not merchants of violence. I’m not stupid, you know!

Cowardice Hypocrisy

Well, Disney won’t bite

the hand that feeds them! They can be as “woke” as they wanna be here in the US.

But Middle East countries just won’t take that crap. So Disney meekly capitulates.

Look, I’m NOT saying that we should be as brutal as the ME. I don’t want that.

I’m just saying that Disney’s hypocrisy is totally nauseating. They don’t really take a moral stand if MONEY is at stake. They just preen and posture in places where it is safe to do so.

Cowards and hypocrites!

After picking a political fight with Florida over the state’s Parental Rights in Education Law, and declaring itself an LGBTQ ally to boot, Disney is reportedly censoring gay and transgender content on the version of the Disney+ streaming service that it launched in the region in June.

Basic Economics Stooooopid!

Oh yeah,

THAT is going to help!

Look, I don’t know, but I’m relatively sure that Manchin got some sort of “offer he couldn’t refuse.” Sinema was probably an easier “pull.”