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Do not ask

for whom the bell tolls.

It tolls for thee.

The rainbow-colored claws were out against Bezos yet again on Wednesday when an internal Amazon LGBTQ group (“No Hate at Amazon”) called out the company as an opponent of trans rights and safety for permitting the sale of books deemed “hurtful” toward the transgender community.

Don’t think that you can keep a savage dog and that it will never turn on YOU.


So I talked

to a friend about the movie, “Forrest Gump.” He said that he couldn’t believe it has escaped the wrath of the Cancel Crowd. I guess it is OK to exploit a mentally retarded man if you are of the favored political persuasion!

Civil Rights

Yeah, pretty

much… OR, they just don’t want any effective resistance!

Evil Clown


for a good life:

Nature’s way of saying, “DO NOT TOUCH!” That and blue hair…

Current Events

This should

really worry Democrats:

78% who have seen “2000 Mules” would recommended it to others.

Republicans – 84%
Independents – 74%
Democrats – 73%

And yes, I realize that those who see that have chosen to be part of that group–they have self-selected. But still, these numbers are astounding.

Almost three quarters of Democrats!

Lefties, have YOU seen it? Why or why not?


Listen to

the Pope!

Or Biden:


Well now,

THAT’s good to hear!

I wonder if any of these departures are because of the new press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. So far she has proven to be less than stellar in her job performance. She’s just not up to the role. [emphasis added]

… Biden has recently been reported to be angry that his staff runs out to clean up his remarks but what’s the alternative? Just leave the crazy things he says out there? If he’s worried about looking weak and not in charge, well, too late. That ship has already sailed. He’s not proven to be a strong president and often looks like he’s not in charge of his own White House. Everyone sees it. Biden frequently says “they” won’t let him do something or the other. Does he not hear what he says?


Yes, just look

at what he has done. In chess this is known as a “straddle.” If you preserve A, you lose B, and vice-versa.

Go ahead, Lefties. Make a choice! It’s real-life Kobayashi Maru. But in this case there IS no option of re-programming a simulation!

Current Events

Well, it

kind of is starting to appear so. The wheels are indeed coming off.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index measured -45 in May, down from -39 in each of the previous two months. It is the lowest reading in Gallup’s trend during the coronavirus pandemic, and likely the lowest confidence has been since the tail end of the Great Recession in early 2009. . . Americans’ economic pessimism took a turn for the worse this month. . .

The problem here isn’t that the Biden crew believe their own B.S. It’s that no one thought it necessary to check the accuracy of the claim as the article was being written for President Biden. (No one thinks he wrote it himself.)… The fundamental problem, though, is that Biden is a hack, and has always been a hack. He’s never stood for anything distinctive and original in his long life in office, which is one reason he has to make up stories, like his Naval Academy “nomination.” He’s been on every side of every question, depending on which way the political winds in the Democratic Party are blowing. Right now those winds are blowing down the Democratic Party’s house of cards, and he’s helpless to adapt because when it comes to Biden, there’s no there there. 


The incompetence

is stunning! Just wow.