It ain’t the pandemic.

…the decrease is so large that educators can’t account for the missing children.

Oh, I sure can! And they could, too, if they were not willfully ignorant.


Are YOU as

stupid as “Biden?”

For your sake, I sure hope not…

What is the big Biden plan to reduce gas prices?

…he’s going to allow an E15 blend during the summer months…

… This is like suffering a gunshot wound and then jamming your finger in it. Yeah, you might slow the bleeding for a moment, but in the end, you are going to do more damage than good. E15 is a garbage blend of fuel that harms engines and gets lower miles per gallon than traditional mixtures. That means that even if the cost per gallon is lowered by a few cents, a driver will likely spend more money in the end to go the same distance they would on regular gas. Never mind the future repair costs some will incur after the increased ethanol ruins seals, pistons, and other engine components.

Plus, there are few gas stations that can even carry that mixture!

In other words, this policy change by Biden is ineffective on multiple fronts. The E15 blend itself is inefficient and damaging, but even if it weren’t, it’s widely unavailable anyway. There are proven ways to lower gas prices out there. Instead of doing those, we are getting the equivalent of telling poor families to go buy an electric car. If the White House pushing such stupidity isn’t a microcosm of the current regime, I’m not sure what is.


This was a hoax, but

THAT leads to so rather disturbing questions. Like, “What the crap is the FBI doing?” and, “What does this tell us about January 6?” and, “Is anyone safe from the FBI?”

It’s impossible to overstate the significance of the verdicts handed down last week for four men charged with conspiring to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020 and use a “weapon of mass destruction” in the process.

… What the jury did agree on, however, is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation engaged in entrapment. 

Elections Government Spending

Guys, it’s

NOT just the House that will almost for sure flip!

I think that we have right now a chance for a renaissance. If there are significant numbers of “budget hawks” elected to the House and the Senate flips, we may see some actual progress. Not much, since Joe Biden or Kamala Harris would be President, but enough to at least stop the budget bleeding (though the actual curative and corrective treatment would have to wait for Trump and/or DeSantis in 2024).

Government Spending

Guys, we had BETTER

get serious about this crap! Because it is a real threat to the country. It can’t go on forever, and it won’t.

We are now at crisis levels. Democrats blithely spend and spend, and all too often Republicans go along with it. With varying degrees of enthusiasm, yes, but they are willingly complicit.

It’s the classic “tragedy of the commons” studied in economics: ALL gains are personal, while the costs are spread out among us.

But the “tragedy” is indeed coming. It can’t NOT come. I have no faith at all that Democrats will ever reign in spending, and very little that Republicans will. These folks are focused on the short-term. But eventually, the long-term catches up!

It’s probably not quite too late right now. But the precipice is rapidly getting closer, and it is certainly in view right now. PUT ON THE BRAKES!

Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Fauci declares the

pandemic over. Now it’s all up to us, Gee, couldn’t have said this 2 years ago?

Voter Fraud

Yeah, but there

IS no “significant” voter fraud! That’s what Lefties have told me, and they have assured me that they know what they’re talking about and are not just full of crap!

Basic Economics Current Events

Want to fix inflation?

Oh, you can. But so far our politicians have no stomach for it! Especially the Left, but also many on the Right. But we better get a grip soon! Because if we don’t change soon, this will just end in bitter tears…

Avoidance and denial are simply not good strategies, here. And “Biden” is busy throwing gasoline on this fire!

Crime Current Events

Well OK,

let’s see what happens

Current Events

I think DeSantis

is a great option. Maybe the best one. See, supposed “moderates” get exposed as mere mindless Lefty shills if it is DeSantis. DeSantis also doesn’t have the baggage Trump does–no matter how unfairly it was acquired.

Trump was a VERY good President, and was treated abysmally by the MSM. And he was flat-out cheated out of his second term. No question about ANY of that.

But DeSantis may well be the better option in 2024. He certainly doesn’t provoke the unhinged, knee-jerk, kooky opposition that Trump does. And while I can mock that opposition as incredibly moronic, it is nevertheless there and I still have to deal with it.

DeSantis just gives me one less hurdle to leap…