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The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was very much in the tradition of Continental Rationalism. And that really stands out in the Declaration. And that was totally appropriate for the Declaration.

But the Declaration was much more a work of persuasion and explanation and ideals, while the (future) Constitution was a nuts-and-bolts manual for how the government should work. So a different animal entirely.

As for the Constitution, Jefferson thought the Constitution should be re-written every 20 years or so. You know, a “living” document. Jefferson’s position has been espoused by and blown up by the Left at least since 1900 or so.

He and Thomas Paine were very much that in that Rationalist tradition. But most of the other founders of the nation were absolutely not–they leaned toward Hume–and they modeled the government on a more ideal form of the British government (though, of course, without a King). They were Empiricists, not Rationalists. They wanted what had been shown to work, not some amalgam of airy-fairy suppositions.

So the Articles of Confederation were too loose, and we needed to turn to Federalism rather than to the previous CONfederacry (just why that is and why it was necessary in order to get all 13 colonies to get on board is a discussion for another day).

So in 1887, the Constitution was adopted. But Jefferson was gone–he was the ambassador (in France?) by then. So it was written by the empiricists who were there. Had Jefferson been involved, it would have looked very different!

So let’s take a moment and be thankful that Jefferson was there to write the sublime Declaration but was gone and therefore couldn’t muck up the Constitution.


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what team they are on!

Quit pretending that it is otherwise.

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The worst President


And this in in the context of Trump being hammered virtually 100% by the MSM while Biden gets almost 100% MSM praise.

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yet! Just wait until Republicans control the House!

We need to get to the bottom of some things.

Congressional Republicans launched a formal investigation into the Biden administration on Friday following its decision to sell a Chinese state-controlled company nearly one million barrels of oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, according to a copy of the probe obtained exclusively by theĀ Washington Free Beacon.

See, Democrats are too cowardly, craven, and bound up with political hackery to investigate this! It is SO cringey. Losers…

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Biden-induced misery

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Bad Faith Media Flying Monkeys

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The MSM lied to you.

That is how this all works: The MSM starts out by asserting on page A1 in large, bold type an inflammatory story: “GregorMendel killed a man in cold blood!”

Then, when later that is shown to be to be false (after much effort, time, and suffering on the part of GregorMendel)), they run a correction in small type on page C14, saying, “All signs point to GregorMendel not personally being the killer since he was out of the country at the time. But it is rumored that he has a transporter contraption where he can beam himself anywhere in seconds, so we’ll keep on this important story as it develops.”

When called on it, they say, “Oh, we published a correction! Nobody’s perfect! Sheesh! What do you want, a pound of flesh?”

Lather, rinse, repeat. THAT is the gig (see: Russia collusion hoax).