Evil Clown


Malignant idiot…

Current Events

You know what you

NEVER do? Never bend the knee. Never! It won’t help, and it will just leave you open to being savaged.

Current Events

Funny how

reality makes even a hardcore Lefty like Rep Pat Fallon gulp down the red pill!


Yeah, I

I thought libs WANTED this! So why are they whining?

Current Events

Well, OK…

Biden has COVID. Kamala the happiest. I’d want Senile Joe™ to die, but Kamala is much worse. So out of the frying pan and into the fire…

But THIS will nevertheless be the excuse to get rid of Biden, just you watch.



Yeah, pretty

much everyone knows it!

Current Events Election Fraud

Well, let’s not

get overconfident, here. I mean, this is good, but Democrats cheat like a bugger, and they certainly will in November!

The ONLY issue is whether we the people are going to get active and try to stop them…

The call NOW is not to be a “Minuteman.” It is to be a poll watcher. Will YOU step up?

Psychopathological Denial


It’s just the heat.

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!

But you gotta be pretty practically stupid to whistle past THIS graveyard!

There’s no need to whitewash this, Biden team. Everyone knows your boss sucks. Even fellow Democrats know he’s awful, which is why they’re drumming up the ‘please don’t run in 2024’ narrative right now. It’s not due to the summer heat. 

Biden-induced misery


pretty dang bad.

I think that MOST sentient beings now realize that “Biden” really sucks.

The vast majority of Hispanics are unhappy with President Biden’s overall job performance, and their dissatisfaction extends to a suite of issues including the economy, foreign policy, gun violence, and the handling of Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Only 19 percent of Hispanics approve of Biden’s conduct as president, while 70 percent disapprove, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday. Of Hispanics who disapprove, 49 percent feel strongly about it while 20 percent are somewhat discontented. [emphasis added]

Increasingly, Hispanics are coming to believe that the Republican Party better represents their interests and more traditional religious views. 

Immorality Justice

IF you love justice,

you hope it happens. Unfortunately, there are many who are more Democrat cheerleaders than moral justice-lovers. SUCH a shame!